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    Online Code Not Working

    My Pes 2013 Online Code is not working. I am in Auckland and I purchased the game from eBay, I have have BLES 01709 but when i try and enter my online pass code that is included in the manual it says invalid code. Does anyone have a solution please help! I have been able to play the game up to...
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    "Lost connection to server"

    Tonight I have been disconnected from the server 4 times in a row! This means, I not only lose the match, but my players also accrue fatigue. In addition to this, because I don't earn any money from the matches, I am unable to renew my players' contracts as disconnecting from the server also...
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    Player match-up issue!

    Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the match-up system? I keep on getting paired-up with players who are way above my rating - I always seem to play against players 600-800 rated (I am around 450).
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    BLES online issue resolution?

    I know this is a real cop out, as I hate giving Konami more money, but if I were to buy a NTSC-U/C version of PES 2013, would I still experience difficulties in connecting to an opponent in ML online that most in Australasia are having? I really don't want to have to buy FIFA, but will...