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    News about PES 14

    I was thinking about this a while ago. What will happen if PES 2014 would have Direct IP option instead of going through the KONAMI servers? I'd guess all those guys that are still playing FIFA 2007/2008 and won't buy any of the game would turn their attention to PES. Will this affect their...
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    News about PES 14

    About people playing with Real Madrid or Barca only... I think it's more the PES' gameplay that allows those teams to be exploited. It's the same reason that Van Der Mirch or whatever that player is called gets to be so efficient. Not his skills and stats but the game that has exploitable...
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    News about PES 14

    I did notice the same thing with the AI team trying to build complex attacks. However it seems to me dribbling is slowly becoming fifa like which I don't like. I don't want to use special controls to dribble, just normal movement with arrows.
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    News about PES 14

    I don't know if he sucked or if he was afraid to show us some actual attacking play. No through balls, no shooting. I was afraid I will have to change my PC specs to get this game working but it seems so little has changed.
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    Anyone worried about PES14 already?

    can it be any worse?
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    MLO team with crappy names...

    At the start of the MLO everybody gets the team you got. By playing matches, you get money for new transfers etc.
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    Your MLO team strength and stuff

    My first striker was Gameiro. He does good and he is decent against good defender also. Everyone knows him. Also, I've seen people buying some really tall guy called Van der Mich or something like that. He's a pain in the ass and I don't think he costs too much. Anyway, I prefer the Goal...
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    This is ridiculous. Almost everybody uses lag switching or what ever you want to call it. I can't even take a win in MLO. Even in competition mode, be it MLO or Normal ranking, it's the same. I'm fking sad.
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    How to defend high through ball passes?

    That means you're really bad in defending. But you also can't compete with poor defenders against medium forwards.
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    CEDRIC (PC version) I was leading with 3 - 0 around 30' and he stopped controlling the players, the game started to lag and then was the disconnection.
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    What on Earth is wrong with headers?!

    1.01 seems to have fixed the headers.
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    2v2 and NOT with guest user?

    This is going to be available after the current patch/dlc gets sorted out. Even 4vs4 will be there.
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    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Is there a link for 1.01 patch for PC users?
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    2v2 and NOT with guest user?

    This wasn't available untill now. After the patch this should be possible. At least they said it.
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    Making sure

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    Full manual, player switching

    so wtf, i can't use unassisted on online game?
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    Why? WHY?!

    The boots thing is so stupid that I want to believe it has to do only with financial interests. Still they could've done it better and less annoying.
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    I almost gave up on this game, but then...

    I read all this and I can say that I really envy you.
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    Scoring 1 on 1

    Well it depends how good is your striker. Usually I shoot while in sprint mode so the player has the ball a little far from him. It will allow you to get a powerful shot that if it's smartly placed will get you a goal in most cases. If the oppoent's GK is rather weak you should try the R2...
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    Inside the box

    I guess it's just the game being stupid.