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    Enough is enough

    Im completely sick to death of ppl who in myclub are using the full first teams of the best teams .ie real madrid barcalona etc etc its fucking wrong and imoral that they should be able to play a clan match without a club team i mean how fing hard is it to put in a option no myclub team no...
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    Anyone else noticed the high lvl players in 3v3

    All seem to have the full offical club and we have to make the best team from our myclub 9/10 times this is happening so konami can you please sort this out :realmad::realmad::realmad::realmad::realmad:
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    Konami better get the hand in there pocket and start paying us compensation

    Im 95% sure this game isnt complete a rushed effort and konami know it a loyal gamer of pes for over 16 yrs and you fucking taint my respect with this one one one one one one FUCKIN caMERA ANGLE FOR ONLINE, not only 1 camersa angle but a game so fucking slow it went back in time and THEN IT...
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    Online camera view

    Is it me or can we not change the camera when playing online cause i cant find it anywhere
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    I need some help with formation tatics and stupid management edit my sqaud is taiwo lb agger cb naldo cb perea cb toure yaya dmf scholes cmf pirlo cmf lennon lmf luis fabiano cf and defoe cf my team seems to play like a bag oif shite its like my atgtackers have no space whats so ever and...
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    dcing problem

    Anyone having strange dc problems ive got 20meg broadband from virgin the ps3 isnt dcing just the game is anyone having similar problems
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    Help with defending

    Guys im looking for some help with my defending 9 times out of 10 im always left with being counter attacked to death with my players nowhere in sight and when i go on the attack other players there with 6 defenders any help would be grateful
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    Not impressed

    I do not understand how the fook they work this out takes me 33 mins to get 3 wins 6g 1c finished 21 a guy finished rank 13 with same gd but took a WHOOPING 62 mins to finish yet he goes thru wtf is that all about i thought the ppl who take less time to get the results should be the ones going thru
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    Any tips on decent play style

    having problems finding a nice balance for my 4 4 2 anytips would be welcome
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    Problems with computer not giving your best 3 results

    Is anyone else having these problems cause it has happen 4 times now 2 of which i would have been in the last 16,its starting to annoy now