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    Kristoff1875's Kit Template Pack

    Grab it now. You can use image dimensions you want to as long as the ratio stays the same.
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    Win PES 2009!
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    Messi 360 Dashboard Theme...

    Now available:
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    PES 2009 Xbox 360 Dashboard Theme...

    A PES 2009 Xbox 360 Dashboard theme now available:
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    New PES Video? I've not seen it before, only seen screenshots of it.
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    New PES Box Art?

    - -
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    New Cover?

    Just found this Fake??
  8. K


    Anyone know what bins the menus are in please? I mean the BG to all the menus of the game. Cheers
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    Anyone want to....

    Right, does anyone with previous patching experience want to help me.... My mission is, to patch the game with all the NEW Premier league kits, and 20 championship teams in their new kits. And then to put as many of the other new kits that we can find in to the game. Mammoth task, but...
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    Quick (or not so) Question...

    If I was to design a kit to put in the game and make up a completely new team, how easy it would it be to insert it in to my patch? Could I just replace one of the teams that is in the "other" leagues and put the badge and flag in? Cheers
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    Easy Achievement... (Xbox 360)

    Get in a car by the safe house and go to the nearest station to the house. Drive up in to the station and when you come to the first platform, get on the track and head to the right. After about 2 minutes you'll cross a bridge and get a wanted level of 6 stars. Keep driving and you'll enter a...
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    Premier League Numbers.....

    I have both the FrenChroniK and Agimar's patches, I prefer Agimar's, except for the fact the England League and Real Madrid numbers are not in it. As Stevomilan's patch download is not working, I want to get the Shirt numbers and letters from FrenChroniK and put it in to Agimar's patch. I've...
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    Just been browsing files...

    Would I be correct in saying that there is an Arsenal and Man United logo already in the game? If so, does that mean that they were going to be in the game, only for a deal that was probably close, collapsing and them using Spurs/Newcastle instead? Sorry if this has been mentioned!
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    Ripping DVD...

    Sorry to make a new thread but not sure anyone will find my post in the Help thread! Does anyone have a tutorial on how to rip the game to patch it and a tutorial on how to patch the game? Appreciated Cheers
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    Cheers PESGaming....

    Came today. Thanks alot guys.
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    GOTM Nov/Dec Amazing Robinho Strike

    4e7b448834a7c9d90120 Top Player Well I thought it was pretty amazing!