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    Enquiry for Manual support players

    Those people who play on Manual pass support 0 or 1 ......are you able to find opponents in ranked matches or MLOnline easily? I have been coming across many longball spammers to cheap forwards in last few days and maybe the time is ripe to switch to manual pass support 0 or 1. but I switched to...
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    11 vs 11 online beta quickly sign up for this closed 11 vs 11 online beta.Many of the issues that PES14 is currently seems to be facing on the PS3 are gone.
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    Master League Online M.L.O PES14

    Discuss the leagues,Your MLO team,talented players,Unknown players,Player stats on here.
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    Online Lag/Game Slow down

    On PS3 Most of my online matches slow down to -2 speed at some point or the other and continue being played that ways till the match ends.... Does that happen with other people as well? Lets keep this thread updated if the issue get sorted out for anyone.
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    PES 14 2vs2 via Match Lobby

    I guess the most wanted 2vs2 match is back? ofcourse 11 vs 11 wouldn't mean you can't start a game till you have 22 players inside the match room,right ? it surely has to mean that you can still play a 2vs2 or a 4vs4 or a 6vs6 as well ?
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    Those who have the retail version of PES14

    Can you tell us if the retail version is different from Demo 2? if yes in which aspects ? have graphics ,overall lightening improved a bit? by 10-15%?
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    Master League Online PES14

    So far we got to know that there will be three leagues viz Speedy and Physical players,league for technical players,league for defensive players. but does anyone know how does the player transfer and team building works? also what happens when a player is both technical and defensive (say...
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    A petition to stop monoplising team licenses Please read and sign this petition :) Every petition signed counts...
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    General Demo Discussion/Impressions

    Use this thread to post your impressions about Demo of PES 14. We can give a Feedback of gameplay elements to Konami and hopefully they will implement changes ,if needed any to the final code.
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    PES 2013 2vs2 full manual players.

    Hi anyone interested in playing 2vs2 on manual passing and manual shooting please write their PSN ids there. -you should be regularly playing PES everyday. -you should be a manual passer and a manual shooter. (only manual passers not allowed) me and my friends play 2vs2 on full manual...
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    News about PES 14

    Click here for more information
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    Potentially improved players MLO for February patch!

    As the title suggest which players stats do you think will improve the most for February winter transfer patch?(that ways they will come in handy for MLO) I think Michu,El Shaarway,Pogba are a sure shot... who else?
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    New details about pes 14

    - Reports in Brazil are suggesting that PES 2014 will feature "at least" three new Brazilian stadiums. Corinthians' current home Estádio do Pacaembu, Grêmio's new Arena do Grêmio, and the recently-renovated Mineirão were all mentioned. Arena de São Paulo - Corinthians' new home stadium -...
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    December 20/12 Patch Details !

    Patch 1.03 improvements include: the overall balance of the game, aesthetics, and movement of players. New goal celebrations also added. Classic online 2v2 makes its glorious return. Jon Murphy: “we still have a number of elements that we, and they [the fans], feel need attention. We’ll let...
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    Konami's official PES poll please take this Survey poll and let Konami know about the speed merchants,through balls,Van der mirch issues Also the poll asks about how do you feel about removal of the league mode from the game. Overall online experience What would you want to like to...
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    Pass support ' 0 ' post your PSN ids

    People who are playing PES13 with Pass support set as ' 0 ' post your PSN ids here so that we can add each other up play together online. :x: :clown:
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    Making money out of players MLO

    I know this is a silly question but how do you make the most money out of existing players in your team? i just make them free agents and earn some there a better way to make more money out of them? example if a player x costed me 4 million euros and 80k wages and if I don't think...
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    What if this occurs between PES & FIFA ?

    Consumers have filed a lawsuit against EA and its exclusivity deals on sports titles, and now the case is headed to court. In 2008 a group of consumers sued EA due to an "unlawful and anticompetitive series of exclusive agreements with the National Football League, the NFL Players Union...
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    What on Earth is wrong with headers?!

    wtf is wrong with headers?! post DP2?! 9 out of 10 you connect go over the bar or sail wide!!!! the same goes for corners! maybe the corners are even worse! header clearances,interceptions are ok no problem at all but shooting with headers is nearly impossible that renders crosses useless! Is...
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    Konami's 3 replies about connectivity issues

    Hi everyone I think many of us are getting unable to enter matchroom error/not being able to find opponents in MLO/Ranked matches. This is my conversation with Konami(my queries are posted in Italic and Konamis replies are posted in Bold letters)... Hey I got my copy of PES13 BLES and I...