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  1. venom1300

    [PS3] venom1300's import/export team sharing thread {BLUS 30805}

    This will be a thread of my teams that I will be making from today to :unsure: someday. I will post teams that I make Only.This thread was like luukzwaan, this time for BLUS 30805 Enjoy!:D BTW I might take requests:innocent: Index Borussia Dortmund
  2. venom1300

    Team import/export

    Should I make a team export thread:obamahmm:
  3. venom1300

    Borussia Dortmund

    Hey everyone I will be starting to do Borussia Dortmund for BLUS or Bles for the US.This will be on the import/export.I will post this in a week probably.:)
  4. venom1300

    option file

    Does anybody know or have an option file BLUS 30610? :D
  5. venom1300

    EPL licences

    Does anybody know if Chelsea,Arsenal, or Manchester City are licenced?:mellow:
  6. venom1300

    Hi Everyone

    Hi guys I just wanted to go here and introduce myself to pesgaming cause I forget to so yeah, oh and I supprt manchester united but we lost to barca so then we didn't win the champions league so PEACE