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  1. Usul

    Marvel Avengers Alliance [FaceBook/Playdom]

    Anyone playing this? It's a great 'facebook' game, actually. Can also be played on iOS machines. I'm practically hooked to it. PvP is so competitive.
  2. Usul

    [PC] Neverwinter

  3. Usul

    CoD: MW2 is Banned in Syria...

    I went down to buy it and they told me it's banned in Syria. The cunt i usually buy the games from, wouldn't even tell me why. What a cowardly moron. Some other guy told me it's because there are maps in Syria in the game, but there must be other reasons for this. Anyone care to tell me what...
  4. Usul

    The Official Silkroad Online Thread

    I've recently started playing this free MMORPG, and i've got hooked to it. It's nothing special, but it's for free, which suits me just fine at the moment. I was wondering if anyone here plays it. Maybe we can get together and help each other 'lvl up'.
  5. Usul

    Manuel Da Costa Appearance

    Can someone that has experience using the editor make a proper Da Costa? Konami made him look like a black fella... :rolleyes:
  6. Usul

    GOTM Nov/Dec - Tamudo Lob

    I was playing against Sweden, to recreate the recent qualifying match, and scored this peach of a lob in the dying moments. :happy: 4c29b299c84b7ddaf08e
  7. Usul

    GOTM Nov/Dec - Manchester United Counter Attack

    This is how you rip Barcelona apart. Scholes intercepts a pass, gives it to Ronaldo, Ronaldo to Carrick, Carrick to Giggs, Giggs back to Scholes, and Scholes sets Giggs up for the finish. :smug: d078009ee3fa810bea14
  8. Usul

    Xavi Hernandez Overhead Kick

    It's my first PES6 goal of this kind. I didn't even mean to do it. I clicked too late after the cross, and when i clicked again he came up with that.
  9. Usul

    Abidalicious (43m)

    I haven't played in ages, so today i felt like giving it a go. You always play better and enjoy it more when it's been a long time since you've beaten the ol' pad. I played against Villarreal. The first half was dire, but i really got into it in the second. I scored two of the best goals i...
  10. Usul

    Pennant (35ish m)

    I really enjoyed scoring this one. It's not a difficult angle, but it ain't easy to hit them either. It was unstoppable. As a Shuriken thrown from the shadows in a dark night, it unerringly sunk into the top corner. :ninja:
  11. Usul

    [PC] PES6 Option File (RAW, Updated Transfers)

    This is for those if you that do not like option files with edited players or tweaking of any kind. I have made some obvious appearance changes here and there, but that's all. This option file is the one i use and it will come in handy for people that want to create an option file without...
  12. Usul

    [PC] PES6 Option File (RAW)

    Same as last year's PES5 option file. No tweaks and no major fixes. Perfect as a base for advanced editing and for those who do not like option files with edited players and teams. All names are correct and no transfers have been made. I also used the badges in Swift Ninja's option file for...
  13. Usul

    Heel, Lami! Heel!

    I scored this last night, when i was taking screen shots of my Dream Team mates. I wanted to get Esgaroth, the one with the ball, in a sexy pose, when i saw Lami running into the box. So, i decided to score a goal, for fun. It's the first time i see or score one of these, so if you're...
  14. Usul

    Call of Duty vs. Medal of Honor

    Due to the lack of new games, two nights ago i decided to install and play Call of Duty 2. One go, non stop. I went in normal mode and didn't stop until i had liberated Europe. It took me all evening, all night and most of the morning... What an experience. I can never get tired of this game...
  15. Usul

    [PC] PES5 Option File RAW 06-07 (WE10 Edition)

    [PC] PES5 Option File (RAW 06-07, WE10 Edition) I uploaded this option file mainly to facilitate the work of people seeking to create their own OF without having to go through all the name changing, or people seeking an up to date option file without tweaked players. As with my previous option...
  16. Usul

    CSKA Players That Aren't in PES5

    If someone out there is a fan of CSKA or knows any of these players, could you please make their abilities? I have never seen any of them play so i have no idea what they are like. I've searched around a little but obviously found nothing. Mandrykin, Semberas, Krasic, Rahimic, Kochubei...
  17. Usul

    Medieval 2: Total War [PC] When the page first opens wait for the intro video to appear. It was made out of the game's actual graphics... :dribble:
  18. Usul

    Moderators For The Off-Topic and Football Sections

    This Kairoshousen character got me thinking that moderators are needed for these sections. You can't really expect 50! to scour every thread in those forums, and people aren't generally pro-active when it comes to reporting offenders. Jonny seems to me to be the best choice for the Football...
  19. Usul

    Hand of God...Almost!

    I was so close to scoring a goal with Adriano's hand. :crymore: DOWNLOAD
  20. Usul


    This is the flukiest goal i've ever scored. Didn't mean to do it and never saw it coming. I was losing to flipping Switzerland and it was the 85th minute, so i was naturally in a hurry to protect my pride. I knew my men were waiting inside the box and i was hoping the ball would go to Toni but...