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  1. john tsios

    Please HELP!!!!

    Hello my friends...a little help with pes 2021 in ps4.I use an option file that edits the game with kits,managers stadiums e.t.c for all teams and transfers only for the teams which were created by the editor .The teams that konami makes the transfers with updates don't have any transfers.I want...
  2. john tsios

    PLEASE HELP!!!Delete data pack 3 on ps4

    Hello mates....i need a BIG BIG HELP!!!I want to delete the data pack 3 from ps4 and install it there any way to do this????Please help me!!!
  3. john tsios

    PLEASE!!!Anyone that will make an option file for bles version ps3?

    Is there anyone from the good old option file makers that will release a ps3 bles option file this year for pes 2016???if not are there any programs that i can use to make my own option files or any video guide how to do this????Thanx in advance!!!Sorry for my bad English!!!!
  4. john tsios

    Arsenal's screenshot of home kit black instead of red

    hi everyone.....a silly you know why the screenshot of arsenal's home kit (the little rectangle that shows the main coulour of the kit you choose) is black instead of red????i tried to fix it but i didn't manage anything....Any idea????sorry for the irrelevant question!!!
  5. john tsios

    Which O.F is the best for EU 1022 version?

    hello guys....i'm really confused about o.f for eu first o.f was dfl(cristiano's) o.f and i was pleased until now that i found out that there are other guys that uploaded o.f that has more things fixed than cristianos's and they answer to any problem that you have..... but according...
  6. john tsios

    stadiums for ps3 eu version 1022??????

    can someone tell me please a link for a created stadium package for pes 2011 pse eu version 1022???....i found only for uk version....can someone upload some?
  7. john tsios

    Npower + Bundesliga Option file for EU version?????

    can someone create Npower championship option file and bundesliga for eu version?
  8. john tsios

    please please help....bles question

    I'm going to smash my head to the wall....i really don't understand...i must know some things....1)how many bles versions are and which is their bles number?2)is there any way to use an other bles version option file than your bles??i read somewhere that a bles 1022 option file can work on bles...
  9. john tsios

    What's going on with o.f for uk version?

    Hi there....I'm just wondering what's going on this year with pes 2010 option files for uk version?at start i thought that i will have to try a lot of them to fnd the one that i like most .....then after the dlc updates some o.f creators stopped updating their o.f.and now with 1.07 dlc update i...
  10. john tsios

    Arismania....Where can i find the third kit (black) from liverpool?

    Can anyone sent me an option file for pes 2008 ps3 with the third kit of liverpool(black)?Thank you