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  1. Thori

    [STATS] by thori (pes 2013) requests taken!

    Stats done: Jonathan Joubert (page 1 post 7) Kris Boyd (page 1 post 11) Brad McKay (page 1 post 12) Krisztián Németh (page 1 post 13)
  2. Thori

    [LEAGUE] Uzbek League Season 2013

    Index: Bunyodkor Dinamo FK Bukhoro FK Guliston Lokomotiv Tashkent Metallurg Bekabad Nasaf Qarshi Navbahor Namangan Neftchi Farg'ona Olmaliq FK Pakhtakor Qizilqum Zarafshon Sho'rtan Ghuzor Sogdiana Jizzakh green coloured teams were promoted from the...
  3. Thori

    Nhl 13

    $39.99 on amazon
  4. Thori

    [FACES] By Thori (requests are welcome)

    ok... i decided to open up a new faces thread for a while... i just had to.. i missed this so much. and yes i do take requsts/suggestions! Faces ive done: Dale Carrick
  5. Thori

    [LEAGE] Turkish Süper Lig 2012/13 Season

    any help would be appreciated!! *green coloured teams were promoted from The TFF First League
  6. Thori

    PES 2013 or FIFA 13?

    so guys, are you going to buy pes or fifa this year??
  7. Thori

    what is the highest highscore in a game you've ever got?

    what is the highest highscore in any game you've ever got? well... mine is what i can think of now... is about 1.000.000 in LBP :/
  8. Thori

    [KITS] Requests taken... by Thori

    [FANTASY KITS] Requests taken... by Thori Fantasy Kits ive done:
  9. Thori

    [LEAGUE] 2012 Canadian Soccer League season

    CANADIAN SOCCER LEAGUE Season 2012 TEAMS: Brampton City United Brantford Galaxy Kingston FC London City Mississauga Eagles FC Niagara United SC Toronto SC Waterloo Region Serbian White Eagles St. Catharines Wolves TFC Academy Toronto Croatia Windsor...
  10. Thori

    [IMAGES] Emblems and other photos

    So just start requesting...
  11. Thori

    [STATS] By T.T.

    i made this thread to help luuk out ;) Stats ive done: REQUESTS: Jurandir (R) Paul Hartley (R) Jankauskas (R) Takis Fyssas (R) Steven Pressley (R) Julien Brellier (R) Michal Pospisil (NIG) Ricardo Oliveira (NIG) Andreas Lasnik Evaristo (R) Rubens (R) Mario...
  12. Thori

    My ML Team

    C.U. Luxen Est. 2012 Manager: Me Players: Goalkeepers Iker Casillas NEW! Oleksandr Shovkovskiy NEW! Defenders Yevhen Khacheridi (on Loan) NEW! Rusol Krachenko Vaschuk Romanchuk Yezersky Mandzyuk Fedetzky Oshchypko Midfielders Anatoliy Tymoshchuk NEW! Husin...
  13. Thori

    [FACES] Lovely Faces By Thori (i take requests)

    [FACES] Lovely Faces By Thori (NO more requests!!) Faces I've Done: Argentina Sebastián Grazzini Pablo Migliore Jonathan Bottinelli Belgium Dieter Van Tornhout Mario Mutsch Eden Hazard Bosnia and Herzegovina Mersudin Ahmetović Petar Jelić Brazil Paulinho Le Petit...
  14. Thori

    wish list for pes 2013

    1. bundesliga (licenced or un) 2. d2 leagues under all leaugues (licenced or un) 3. that you can create national teams (mine isnt in the game :no:) 4. new commentators ( ive gone tired of this john chapion and this jim) 5. Fix the AI (especially in BAL!) 6. That you can create you own boots...
  15. Thori

    Hello everyone

    hi my nickname is thori and ive just signed up for this site. i hope that i will get to know this webstide and you guys more but... untill then see yah...