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  1. The Dubes

    FAO Zygalski

    How long before the PES2010 demo is available to non-gold members? :mellow:
  2. The Dubes

    Challenge for you boys

    Hey guys, Dubes ere. lil challenge lol Go into edit mode, edit one of the default teams and select players whom are playing for international clubs but whose club team aren't on the game therefor are free agents. EG- BECKS. NO FAKE NAME PLAYERS THOUGH. I've come up with his...
  3. The Dubes

    PES5 PSP option file

    Anyone hook me up with one?
  4. The Dubes

    Nokia N Gage

    Any of you niggers got one of these? I brought one off a mate for a fiver cos it looked cool, only to discover it has no games on it :mellow: Does anyone know any wap sites that I can access from the N-Gage to download games for free? Or any other free methods of aquiring games for the little...
  5. The Dubes

    50hz, 60hz

    Why do some games have the option to change between a 50hz and 60hz display setting and some don't? The reason I ask this is because the portable DVD player I use for playing ps2 in my car requires a 60hz setting to play in colour. Luckily PES has this option! HLEP.
  6. The Dubes

    Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Anyone got stats and appearance for Stone Cold?
  7. The Dubes

    Duberry's XBox Live Challenge

    Challenge Dubes Right I'm bored, so I challenge any of your white boys to a 1 on 1 dual on xbox live (Yes, I am talking about PES) I haven't played for ages but I could still take all you bitches. I await a challenger...
  8. The Dubes

    Analog or D-Pad

    Analog. D-pad should be phased out IMO. Nasty. (this is in general, not just PES)
  9. The Dubes

    Michael Duberry or Totti?

    For me there's no contest, Dubes everytime. Agreed?
  10. The Dubes


    Is it just me or is Bakke the best player on the game by a mile? The guy has everything, pace, skill, the looks. Makes Ronaldinho look very, very average. Anyone else love this guy?