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    Pes2013 Thoughts

    a lot of people banned in the topic i see LOL
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    PES 2013 disappointment.

    The problem with pes 13 is feel like the other player just takes the ball off you and your struggling to get the ball back , All everyone does is 2 man charge with RMA.
  3. M

    Info for online ps3

    konami do that in game every time you log into the online mode .
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    Had enough !!!

    yeah telling us your system would of helped , pc i don't know xbox is a gaybox and ps3 option file is here You need to install each part as its not been put into one file.
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    i have a problem

    TO play any game from steam it need to be online , Steam works as copy protection which is why you have to sign in , you can sign in and press offline . But 99% of steam games need to be online now .
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    pes 13 question

    Pes 2011 has only just been shut , 12 , 13 and 14 are online , But i don't see the point in playing online everyone uses REAL MADRID and uses every glitch or trick to win .
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    Dlc 7 ???

    LOL if you could do that no one would buy the next game , by limiting editing to offline . Stop cheaters and makes you buy the next game cos all people like you care about is online play . It works a treat also i would shut last years server to force you all over no matter what.
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    transfer option file that works online?

    Only for PC players you need to patch the disk to change the roster .
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    I give up.

    the game is great , i find pes6 a bit crap after playing pes 2013 vs the cpu
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    rangers fc

    yes import the team then you need to overwrite a team also in the game so yes both
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    i don't think they can be changed
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    PES 13 Gameplay

    don't play online then , fifa is scripted online
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    i can help you but i need more info , first what ? 1.0 from the blog or 1st update from the email (subscriber) if your a non subscriber if i remember right there not in 1.3 , so you will need to subscribe or wait till 5th of november if you have only installed 1.0 , go to the blog and...
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    in a few hours , remember paul is from Australia (if not he lives there)
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    Cannot play online because of PSN Store

    he needs to make a psn account from the country of which the game come from , check the bles blus code to see where its from or he could post this here and i will tell him
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    CPU's difficulty...

    edit all your players stats to 1 or play online only
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    The New widget doesnt work

    the server has been up and down since release , there is a problem still with the server
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    Damn, my manager is a mean-spirited individual

    correct , i was LWF stuck at at club which didn't use it , started over as a cf now , i almost have the plat for this game i just need captain and world award
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    Online community is rubbish

    you join a league with your fan but you can only play against friends? in these new game modes? i don't see the point of this at all , i wanted to play a friend i would use the lobby ps all my friends got fifa