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    [STADIUM] European Top League Stadiums (PS4)

    Hi, I decided to start this thread for stadium images and formulas. Hope you like it. :) Feel free to post some information/formulas (goal net design, pitch design) for the stadiums of the leagues below. LA LIGA BUNDESLIGA PREMIER LEAGUE SERIE...
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    [TEAMS] UEFA Europa League 2014-2015 missing teams

    Hi, as you may have noticed, not all EL teams are included in PES 2015. I made a list to give an overview. LINK 21 teams (of 48) are missing! (2014-12-28) If you have additional information - please let me know. I will post team export files here, so you can import the teams to your...
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    [editing info]

    Hi, here is some interresting news about PES 2015 licences and editing! (PC preview version!!!) PESFan Team List, Players, Stadiums, Balls, PROREVO top 500 rated players' faces, editor walkthrough Video: Stadiums by WENB.ES PESFan Quote:
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    Resolution of Team Emblems

    Hi all. What was the resolution of team emblems in pes 2014? 150 x 150? or 256 x 256? Are there any hints this might change in pes 2015? Thanks!
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    [EMBLEMS] Team logos 128x128

    Bundesliga (Germany) DOWNLOAD ALL
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    Dlc 7 ???

    Hey, will there be a DLC 7 for PES 2013??? With updates for licensed teams (squads/kits)? Thanks for some reply! PS: PES 2013 is the first PES I own - I just played it on a console of a friend of mine for years. That's why I don't have a clue. :rolleyes:
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    [KITS] Bundesliga 2013/2014

    [KITS] Bundesliga 2013/2014 (beginner&fonchoruiz) Bundesliga-Kits for 2013/2014 My goal is not to create perfect looking pngs but to create perfect looking kits (as real as possible). That's why I SOMETIMES use TRANSPARENT KITS. The advantage of the tranparent kits is, that everybody is able...
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    [FACES] Bundesliga preset-faces (list)

    Bundesliga faces for relink with wild-editor Borussia Dortmund 0331/4406 Patrick Owomoyela 1490/5565 Nuri Sahin 1671/5746 Mats Hummels 1672/5747 Marcel Schmelzer 1673/5748 Mario Götze 1674/5749 Kevin Großkreutz 1675/5750 Sven Bender 1751/5826 Neven Subotić 1907/5982 Łukasz...
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    [KITS] beginner's kits

    This is my KIT-thread - I don't have any experiences with kits. So you can criticise and make suggestions ;) I don't know how many kits I will do in the future...
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    [TEAM-AUDIO] german commentary [PS3]

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    [PS3] club name commentary - need help!

    Hi, I want to add the announcement of unlicenced clubs with the in-game editor. I have created some perfect mp3s with the correct commentator (german) and linked them in the editor to the team announcement and team announcement after goal - but the commentator doesn't use the new audio...
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    [STADIUMS] CL and EL Stadiums

    In this thread I will post some stadiums for teams of the european top-leagues which play in the Champions-League or Europa-League. So this thread only deals with the top teams of the european top leagues ;-) Some of the stadiums are already in this forum, but I tried to improve them -...
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    [PS3] can you add audio-comments

    Hi there, is it possible (on PS3) to add audio-comments for players? I only found out how to change between the audio files that are already in-game. It would be great to be able to add some mp3s for new players, just as we do it with the chants for certain clubs. Or is there no way on...