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    Online community is rubbish

    you join a league with your fan but you can only play against friends? in these new game modes? i don't see the point of this at all , i wanted to play a friend i would use the lobby ps all my friends got fifa
  2. M

    is data pack 2 back online yet?

    any news?
  3. M

    what time is the update going live?

    we going to be waiting around all day?
  4. M

    There is a fix for using pre data crash

    Log in konomi has added a list of boots from pes 2012 which makes the data crash
  5. M

    form arrows how much stat loss and gain?

    how much percent in stat loss and gain each arrow?
  6. M

    mixing the teams up for master league any thoughts ?

    it was like this before ucl was in the game
  7. M

    diving? how to get a free kick?

    all i get is a yellow card , if you can't get a free kick why add it too the game , konami need to put the success on higher than 1%
  8. M

    is there any way to keep say one league out of the master league ?

    like one of the leagues full of fake players ?
  9. M

    [EXPORT] Emirates stadium export for install on ps3 to mods i couldn't find the import post on this forum please move if needed enjoy thanks to Bm1874 for the fourmula
  10. M

    does creating stadiums make the game lag?

    with importing image files in every slot for the stadium ?
  11. M

    whats the point of the novice cup?

    what's the point of the novice cup? if there are pro's in there i mite aswell just join any cup people are 1 creating new psn just to get in 2 check there profile there already top player? its been the same since pes 6 when you going to fix it whats the point in novice players , playing online?
  12. M

    is there a pc editting program for ps3 version

    i hate being stuck at the ps3 all day , is there any team editers i can download
  13. M

    what is player id and how does it work?

    i don't really get what this player id is
  14. M

    i love the manual arrow on L2

    this is great , without the arrow i would use assisted without the arrow
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    stuck in a online cup which finished hours ago ps3

    when the server went down before i was playing in a online cup at 12.30 23rd September now the server is back online and i am stuck in the 12.30 cup i can't not join a new cup the timer on the 12.30 cup is on 0.00 , there is on option to leave the cup so i am stuck there is 325 people...
  16. M

    im stuck in a online cup which finished hours ago

    server went down during a cup and now im stuck in it and can not join a new one there are 329 of you stuck in the 12:30 bst wepes national cup lol , i only want the trophy lol
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    offline problem with chants

    why does only the home team chant?
  18. M

    server status page for pes 2013 here

    ps3 server is down right now i found this on the website just press on your country and game type to check if the server is off or on update server is back online
  19. M

    does chants + kit files =lag?

    does adding chants to every time with downloaded kits make the ps3 version lag?
  20. M

    why is this fourm so slow?

    takes forever for the pages to load , im using chrome google its just this site and nothing else , really slow and i donno why? i even tried it on my phone and its just as slow:realmad::realmad: