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    Tragic Year For Football Games

    Lets be honest PES 2010 is not the game any of us wanted, for whatever reason.
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    Tragic Year For Football Games

    My problem with this years pro evo is that they've obviously tried to make it more like FIFA after years of criticism, thereby destroying what makes its Pro Evo in the first place. By trying to encapsulate 'Realism' (which lets be honest is monopolised by FIFA andhas been for many years) they...
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    PESGaming Online Community is live (PS3)

    is anyone about on it now? fancy a game?
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    Master League Players Thread

    I think igot about 4mil, though that was eaten up with running costs straight away. I've just spent 3 millon on players at end of first season and i've got nothing left!
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    Master League Players Thread

    Well I've done it with Wolves this time so I don't know(Been waiting for them on Pro Evo for years), but from playing the previous games; not much.
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    Master League Players Thread

    Because it would take a good few seasons before a default team could afford that transfer amounts
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    Who are the teams in the ML cup??

    Damn right. I've just had three on these made up teams promoted into the Premier league. Managed to change one to West Brom, but can find the other two to edit anywhere. It does slightly spoil the Premier league feel I managed to get from the Option file
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    The difference from Regular to Professional is HUGE

    Thats true. I scored a screamer with Ebanks Blake earlier after an amazing bit of passing and it almost felt as good as Wolves actually scoring!
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    Lost players through rubbish contract system

    How annoying! I've just lost about a 1/4 of my team in ML, because I tried negotiate my current players contract demands. Most came back so no to the deal and that was it I've just lost them, No re-negotiating, nothing! I have to say I'm not sure I like this hands off approach(with transfers)...
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    online comps

    I really wish they ran more of them. There only seems to be one a week or something and i'd imagine it'll be filled within 2 seconds on the invites being published if they have them so infrequently.
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    Gouraqui and the rest of them.

    To be honest I've had to sign some old duffers to keep me up this season. So I got no young recommendations. Your right about the penalties though, I only got one last season and that was funnily enough against Man U.
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Have they made any big adjustments to Legend mode this year. I haven't really done one properly and was wondering if it there was anything new to peak my interest?
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    Gouraqui and the rest of them.

    What team are you doing the ML with? Do you have the highest rank of youth team set-up? I only ask because i'm doing it with Wolves and haven't been able to afford the upgrade this season and I'm only getting really bad players through the youth.
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    The difference from Regular to Professional is HUGE

    I do know what he's saying though. I've just finished first season with Wolves finished 12th with Wolves on Professional. I've always played on top player and i was intending to increase the level after one season, but i honestly think I'd get relegated. Haven't had a pro evo thats been...
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    PS3 Championship Option File

    Has anyone got a decent PS3 OF that has all the English Championship teams in Other Leagues C? Any advice appreciated.