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    Best PS4 Option File?

    I agree Rawkus, karma it is.
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    Mac or PC Game?

    PC games Both the Mac and PC games are great. If you are a proud owner of a Mac system, then enjoy the high quality graphic games. You can search online for free games for Mac and Windows processor. You can also look for Destiny 2, FIFA 18 and World of warcraft 60 tage kaufen games that are...
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    Direction Arrow Missing ?

    Hey, that info is very useful and will really help, when playing the game.
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    latest patch

    Yes, I agree with you these football games have now become all similar, even I need to find some new and interesting game series.
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    Formation Problems - CB playing as AMF

    Fluid forming This is a great idea of trying the fluid formation, hope that you execute this in reality.
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    PES 2018 Manchester or UK online Community

    Hey that is really cool.
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    Any tips to be a faster player?

    I agree with Nxhpes, and that video will be really helpful to you.
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    Back again

    Fifa Hey, friend true I have also played FIFA a lot and now need a change.
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    Hello everyone

    Hey, welcome to the forum.
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    Hi, there I am new to this forum and now playing FIFA 18.
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    Other having trouble defending online?

    Yes, I agree defending part is a bit difficult.