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    Competions should be based on squad strength

    Played my first one today and really what chance have you got.3 defeats all 1-0 and a 0-0 draw and all the teams you face are superstar teams with 1000 points.Ronaldo one chance goal and then you have no chance as they have Silva and co at the back with Buffon in goal. Make things more squad...
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    No Transfer Embargo Anymore?

    Has it been omitted as i have been able to buy players that i have not been able to since i got the game as they were always on embargo.I signed Di Natale and Negli this morning and if i had the funds could basically have bought anyone i wanted.
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    Game freezing on homescreen menu.

    Went to play on PS3 this morning and it tries to log onto the net straight away as usual.I then get the message saying that its offline until 10am UK time.So i think thats ok i will play offline but when it gets to the homescreen i cant move to anything the game totally freezes up.So I try again...
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    Money being taking off in MLO

    Ok after the end of each match you get your fee but after that i went to sell Stramberg the default defender and after i have done this it said i had just over £3m but on MLO homescreen my money has gone down to £1.4m WTF is that all about.I have won 3 games drew 2 and lost 2 but my cash is...
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    So cheating,how exactly does it work

    So how exactly does it work is the disconnect situation random who gets the points and money but they do it that much that they make loads of cash.Yesterday I had 2 disconnects against me none of the guys were cheaters though as I looked at their stats ,but the first time I got a 3-0 defeat and...
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    Player Stats

    How do so many CF/SS in this game have a far better rating overall when played as a right or left midfielder ? It's not the most realistic of things is it I played someone the other day that had Eto playing in centre mid as well.