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    Overrated players: Martins!!!

    Nani How can he be rated a 90 overall he is probably the most inconsistent player on the planet.Absolutely brilliant when he is on top form but hardly ever is so i think it makes his rating a mockery.
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    SERIOUSLY.. what am i doing wrong online??

    It is becoming really boring very fast.I thought once i got my team up to a pretty decent level i would enjoy things more.But the reality is i enjoyed it more when i was building up to that team on MLO.Nowthe game is boring nearly every game pans out the same way when you face the 1000 rated...
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    I noticed that

    I would agree with you anybody that has only lost 3 games is a cheat.The amount of times the lower strength teams in this get scrpted in favour of them tells you these guys cant possible get through them all.
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    I noticed that

    I played someone this morning rated 975 and he beat me 2-0.He must have had the best 28 players in his squad even his sub keeper was Handonvic.But fair play to him when i looked at his stats he had lost 117 games.So i dont think he was a cheat as most of them have only lost about 30 games at most.
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    What i dont get is how these people never seem to play each other as they all have records like only 10 or 12 defeats.Surely if they were being matched up with others like them they would have far more defeats as they both cant cheat.
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    Players for MLO'13

    Yao Zou GK only rated a 74 but has 80 for GK and 81 response.Had him for 7 matches and he has been on red for 4 of them and yellow for 1 with the other 2 gren.Currently keeping Muslera who is rated an 80 out of my team
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    MLO - player arrow

    I would say if you want players to change from red to purple quite a lot then form 3 is best for that.Form 6 to 8 they tend to stay on green for a long time with the odd time on red yellow or blue.
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    Players for MLO'13

    Sertoz he is a 75 as a CM and has scored 7 goals in 12 games for me in this position. Saez is only rated at 67 but is a brilliant DM for me also has the enforcer card so that probably helps.
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    MLO online today 3/10/12

    I have no idea how they manage to have the squad of superstars some have.Guy who won my rivals ranking played 240 games in a week,thats unreal.I only played 43
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    MLO online today 3/10/12

    Its in football life.You will have Master league then scroll down and hou will have MLO.The menus are as confusing as ever on PES
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    How to see your past results?

    Think it is in the gallery now.I found it by luck the other day.The whole layout of the menus is a farce now.
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    Why always Real or Barca?

    I have never plsyed it but from what i hear about Head2Head mode in Fifa i really like the so7nd of it.Just a pity i think the gameplay in Fifa is shit because they certainly have some very good modes.
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    Competions should be based on squad strength

    Played my first one today and really what chance have you got.3 defeats all 1-0 and a 0-0 draw and all the teams you face are superstar teams with 1000 points.Ronaldo one chance goal and then you have no chance as they have Silva and co at the back with Buffon in goal. Make things more squad...
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    No Transfer Embargo Anymore?

    Has it been omitted as i have been able to buy players that i have not been able to since i got the game as they were always on embargo.I signed Di Natale and Negli this morning and if i had the funds could basically have bought anyone i wanted.
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    Game freezing on homescreen menu.

    Worked fine this morning so it is def a problem on the PS3 when the game is not available online.
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    This is what happens when people quit in MLO

    I just had a quitter happen to me just as the 2nd half kicked off and its pretty much spot on how you have described what happens.
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    Game freezing on homescreen menu.

    Yes it is installed.Could it be because my saves are in the cloud over playstation plus?
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    Game freezing on homescreen menu.

    Went to play on PS3 this morning and it tries to log onto the net straight away as usual.I then get the message saying that its offline until 10am UK time.So i think thats ok i will play offline but when it gets to the homescreen i cant move to anything the game totally freezes up.So I try again...
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    Money being taking off in MLO

    Noticed it later on today.Thanks for the reply though.
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    play with the same formation

    Bottom of your tactics screen just after tactical assistance there is a data save.Save it there then just load your pre set tactics from there.