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    import teams properly

    Hi there I just add NicoUltras last OF, which is great everybody will assume. Anyway there are still fake teams in other Asian. I would like to change them to existing team from Asia (ex: India). Where to download them and how to import (specially about box ticking) please ? I want to avoid...
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    ketuban jiwa

    Hello I found this site There are millions of patch. I am surprised I can't find them here. Are they not good ?
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    Icc of

    Hello Anybody thought about doing all 18 teams competing in current International Champions Cup please ? With up to date transfers and kits ? Many thanks
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    Full patch existence

    Hi I have been following this forum since game realease, but I am getting lost and lost after all these patches being released. I just wanted to ask a simple question: is there any Full patch existing with no fake club + national teams, right names of stadium / managers, no duplicates, no...
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    Most complete OF so far ?

    Hi guys, As many people around here, I am a bit lost among all these OF. Simple question: what is the most up to date OF so far ? Is there any complete OF existing yet ? Many thanks for your kind answers.
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    Hi there, I just wanna know if there's any way of importing a picture as to make its own player face. I mean an another way than using eyetoy.. Sry 4 the english..