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    Workaround to restriction on user generated content

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 User Data Workaround: If you get the message when using 2 or more players in the game of "Use of user generated content not allowed" then follow the steps in the video. This only works when one user is already logged in via PSN...
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    PES2017 Soundtrack

    My views on the soundtrack this year: I must admit this year the guys at Pro Evolution Soccer have set the very best (I am not exaggerating) soundtrack ever. Now admittedly there have been awesome songs in the past, for me notably PES2011’s Phoenix- Armistice, PES2013’s Imagine Dragons – I’m...
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    PES2017 Asia and Oceania National Teams PS4 Options File

    PES2017 Asia and Oceania/Africa National Teams PS4 Options File Hi Guys, I already posted in the intro section, but let me do so again! Glad to be part of the ever growing PES online community but also now the editing community! PESOUT PRESENTS ASIA & OCEANIA OF for PS4 VERSION 2...
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    PESOUT - South African fans of PES

    Hi guys, From south africa, an avid fan of the PES series since ISS days, have not really contributed online ever to the ever growing PES community, but I thought I would change that this year! :innocent: