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    You can delete my account

    Hi, you can delete my account : poulpoul95 thanks, poulpoul95
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    Patch pupperthai pes16 ps3

    Hi, grazie mille, still a good job guys
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    Patch pupperthai pes16 ps3

    I installed the Datapack 1, then I nstalled the OF, everything works perfectly
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    Patch pupperthai pes16 ps3

    Grazie mille per il OF !!!:wub::wub: It works very well, such an amazing job you did guys, ++ Poulpoul
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    Data Pack 4 - 12th March

    Hi, no news/updates scheduled for Asian Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Argentinian Primera Division (20 clubs to 30 now), Brasileirao ? ++
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    Hi Nestroll, you did such an amazing work with all these kits indeed, I have also a request for you, could you make the kits of the unbelievable, talented and suprising team of the Philippines thanks in advance, ++ Poulpoul
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    Faces by Solococo498 (PS4) (No Requests)

    waouh amazing work dude ;)
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    PES2015 Managers Images

    the correct teams list and their managers AC Ajaccio - Olivier PANTALONI Gazélec Ajaccio - Thierry LAUREY Angers SCO - Stéphane MOULIN AC Arles-Avignon - Stéphane CRUCET AJ Auxerre - Jean-Luc VANNUCHI Stade brestois 29 - Alex DUPONT LB Châteauroux - Pascal GASTIEN Clermont Foot...
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    Faces by Solococo498 (PS4) (No Requests)

    Hi Solococo498, nice job indeed, if I send you a picture of me, would you do it or not ? ++ Poulpoul
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    [PS3] paul2478 PES 2015 OF (BLES/BLUS/BLAS)

    paul2478 Hi, nice job indeed
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    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    Hi Angeltorero, you made a fantastic work for these kits, nice job indeed Poulpoul
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    Where are the Copa Sudamericana and the Recopa Sudamericana?

    what a disgraceful behaviour.... :realmad::realmad:
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    Shooting lag fix 100%

    :) P E R F E C T !!! thx ++ Poulpoul
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    Where are the Copa Sudamericana and the Recopa Sudamericana?

    Hi all, a very interesting question, does someone have any information about that ? ++ Poulpoul
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    About Tactics- No Free positioning?

    thanks too for the tip ++ Poulpoul
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    Three Fake Leagues

    OK, I just hope they can add it in a future DLC, a dream...
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    Three Fake Leagues

    hi everyone, PES 2014 being a japanese game, Konami being japanese company, I never really understood why the J League isn't included by default whatever the version of the game is. Konami, you should put the J League for the Asian League, it would be a good thing, I'm sure many players...
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    [KITS] The Italian Job [by Vixon] no request

    hi Vixon wow what an amazing job you did for this file :w00t:w00t ++ Poulpoul
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    [PS3] Lovely Kits PES 2012

    Yep mate, | --------------- | Hi Ikui, thanks a lot for your quick answer, have a good day :) ++ Poulpoul