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    My favourite goal from long distance

    dat was nice
  2. C

    Lennon from halfway

    LMAO goalkeeping was awful!!!
  3. C

    my first long shot

    dat was nice, left the goalkeeper 4 dead, wat team were you playing as????
  4. C

    Drogbar must score...

    lol ive had some pretty bad misses aswell
  5. C

    52 Meter Free Kick from M. Taylor

    nice :-)
  6. C

    My Best 12 Long Shot

    nice vid id love to b able to score lyk dat, or were dey just flukes???
  7. C

    fifa08 360 help

    i like both games but pro is betta. WWOOOOO pro
  8. C

    PES 2008 and Fifa 08

    oh fair play m8, who do u support den????
  9. C

    Nov/Dec GOTM - C.Ronaldo Wonder Dribble

    nice vid!!!
  10. C

    Free Kick From Lampard Chelsea

    nice 1!!!
  11. C

    PES 2008 and Fifa 08

    yay a man u supporter lol
  12. C

    43 metre goal from M.Taylor

    yea i agree gd goal
  13. C

    PES 2008 and Fifa 08

    i have just bought PES 2008. i am a big fan of both PES 2008 and fifa 08 and i think they are both amazing. Just woundering what your opinoins are.