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  1. notoriousbmc

    PS3 Chant Help

    Hi All Need a bit of help, created a chant using nero saved file as a MP3 crossed it over to my PS3. Pes recognises the file (tested the file before adding it to crowd stance) but in game you cant hear it?? any1 out there help many thanks in advance BMC
  2. notoriousbmc

    GOTM Mar/Apr Extreme Barry Long Ranger

    d94b985c1b1f1b7a94cb Scored against the PS3comp on Top Player And yes i know there is a whiff of offside but the comp still allowed it??? Dont think you will see a longer shot than this. Sorry bout the quality, footage taken on my N95 then converted to avi then edited with Windows Movie...
  3. notoriousbmc

    Ronaldinho First Time Volley From Corner of the 18 yardbox

    edb4c1692db67c510f65 Enjoy BMC
  4. notoriousbmc

    Ronaldinho Chest Volley Goal

    c81a9e69fee1cea4a087 Enjoy BMC
  5. notoriousbmc

    Emerson Long Shot

    792689533b00664a5c3e Enjoy BMC
  6. notoriousbmc

    Kaka Long Shot

    f815354e3e29e977a88a Enjoy BMC
  7. notoriousbmc

    Ronaldinho Long Range Corker

    ea92a925508f7c1f9579 Enjoy BMC
  8. notoriousbmc

    Ronaldinho Rabona

    92d1b0e19656875ee557 Enjoy BMC
  9. notoriousbmc

    Carr Cracker

    f5a9133504de568f5f6d Enjoy bmc
  10. notoriousbmc

    Roberto Carlos Cracker

    Scored this Today Let me Know what you think BMC
  11. notoriousbmc

    Xavi LONG RANGE HALF VOLLEY Let me know what ya think peeps BMC
  12. notoriousbmc

    Gary Neville Rocket! Scored this against my mate. even the defender on the line couldnt react quick enough to stop it going in lol! BMC
  13. notoriousbmc

    PES6 Compilation No Crap Just Goals!! Just a Few of The Goals ive Scored Since its Release, Still Having Trouble with the Game. But i do Like it Really. Enjoy BMC
  14. notoriousbmc

    Ronaldinho R2 Beaut!

    Been Slagging Pes6 off a bit just latley, But scored this 2nite Maybe im starting to like it a little
  15. notoriousbmc

    what have they done to our beautiful game

    right, im gona get some shit replies to this post but i cant keep it in any longer! where do i start?? how about passing, they have ruined the way the game flows by using this new passing engine. for example a pass that should be straight forward turns into a sort of miss kick that travels so...
  16. notoriousbmc

    My Goal Compilation Bit rough around the edges cos i rushed it Doh! But u get the general idea. Cracking tune tho, takes me back to my youth dancin in J.D's Nightclub in cleethorpes
  17. notoriousbmc

    Van Nistelrooy Route 1 Volley Let me know what ya think
  18. notoriousbmc

    My Best Free Kick Ever Scored this last night was well pleased with it enjoy!
  19. notoriousbmc

    Roberto Carlos 48m Freekick vs Comp 6*

    Sorry for the video quality. scored it on the ps2 while i was at work on nights, so took footage with my phone.
  20. notoriousbmc

    Beckham Beaut!!!