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  1. K

    Before I buy PES11

    Thanks. Are there any notes available that compares the changes?
  2. K

    Before I buy PES11

    Hello, I would like to know wether I should purchase PES11 or not. I'm mainly doing it for the ML which I so love. One thing I hated were the awful negotiation system in PES. Is it improved? Are the faces improved? Any chance for a list of ML improvements (or even videos?) Thanks..
  3. K

    Need real-face youngsters names

    I need some youngsters from any country (preferably england), with their real faces, and not generic one. From the age of 16-22 should be great, any position! Preferable Wing or Center though.
  4. K

    [PC] PES 2010 - PES SMoKE Patch series

    Hello Dido...First, I must say I love your Patchs, they are great! Second of all, is there an Jonjo Shelvey face with .bin files available for download? I love this guy but I dislike his random face. I hope you can help!
  5. K

    Who's your favourite ML Player?

    Kroos! Love this kid. Else it's Torres.
  6. K

    Bored in master league

    I played with Fulham for 4 seasons, made them a top notch team, winning CL and PL in the 4th season. I didn't even sign the best players, just effective players. (My average rating did'nt even hit the 80's).
  7. K

    Perfect Season Trophy WTF?!

    Any advantages in unlocking this trophy? Or just the name?
  8. K

    How are you doing in Master League?

    Damn I'm doing so good...I'm with Fulham on 3rd season, I'm at CL final against Barca after beating Real madrid!!! I'm also 4 points away from winning the PL...WOW. Muniain, Keirrison, Kroos...They all proved to be so amazing! Muniain scored 3 goals against Real!!! (out of 4!) I can't believe it. :X
  9. K

    your ML team

    Muniain is the best youngster in the game. He starts with 17 years old ~73 rating. At season 3 he is 19 years old with 80 rating, with 3 his stats 4 are over 90, and probably 80% of the rest are over 80. All his tats are yellow or red. He is amazing even at his current age, but he is still very...
  10. K

    your ML team

    I'm atm at 3rd season with Fulham. First season was a huge failure as I couldn't win the europe league (lost to chelsea in the halfs) and I didn't qualify either. The following seasons could be the best success I have ever had, managing to almost win the top 5 all the time...
  11. K

    Who are the best young players to buy?

    Toni Kroos. He is the best AMF I have ever played. He is 20 years old with a 78 rating or so, 182 height. In two seasons, he got to 84 rating, 22 years old, and all his stats are yellow, and all of them are around 88. He is so fast, strong, his shots are truly amazing. All I have to do is pass...
  12. K

    How manage the transfer in good way?

    The players been unhappy is no big deal. After a match or two they will become happy like nothing happened. One time I released around 10 players, they were all angry faces, and after 2 matchs there were no remarks of unhappyness.
  13. K

    How are you doing in Master League?

    BUSTED! What gave me away?
  14. K

    How are you doing in Master League?

    I'm currently playing with Fulham, and when I get bored, I'll start a new one with Liverpool! ATM, I'm on my 1st season, aiming for a few youngsters while adding some experience to my team. This is my LU: GK:Schwarzer (74) CB: Huges (73) CB: Hangeland (76) LMF: Knochesky (72) RMF: Paintsil...
  15. K

    Torres the best of all pes strikers

    I feel you. Though, I can't play Torres without Liverpool since he is just a symbol for me as a Liverpool fan. I have played around 15 times ML games, around 5 of them are liverpool, over and over again, mostly because of Gerrard + Torres, which were such an wonderful combination and was so much...
  16. K

    The New Master League

    Well, it's not entirely gone. You can choose the Default Players option when you are creating a new game in the Master League, like Ozz said. Though, they are really that crappy, and barely any of them becomes a star and no one will ever join your team, which is a shame.
  17. K

    Master League Players Thread

    None of who you mentioned accepted my offers. I'm on a dead end here . ^^
  18. K

    Master League Players Thread

    I need some young OR good decent Fullback that I can buy in a team like Fulham...So far It's too hard for me to buy anyone!
  19. K

    Torres the best of all pes strikers

    Plus, he looks fucking good with his shiny gold hair. Perfect player!