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  1. hitmanuk2k

    Private Messages restructured

    You will probably notice that the private messages have a little makeover. It was pissing me off that people with big signatures and the like where making messages unreadable as it made them overlap with the sidebar, so all the stuff which was not needed has been removed.
  2. hitmanuk2k

    PES 2009 will be released October 17th?

    It is being reported across the web today that PES 2009 will be released Wednesday October 15th across, with an expected Friday 17th release for the UK. WENB are reporting that KaiWai of picked up the information while at the recent PES Cup Final in France. At the event the...
  3. hitmanuk2k

    Forum software upgrade

    I will be upgrading the forum software to the latest version of vBulletin at some point in the next 12 hours. Expect some downtime.
  4. hitmanuk2k

    LOL... like... totally LOL Someone's actually paying this guy quite a bit of money, I suspect, to write this complete and utter bollocks.
  5. hitmanuk2k

    The age rating system

    I actually saw this on 'Click' on BBC last night. I thought it was a fairly interesting insight into how they go about rating video games. It's fairly ridiculous having two systems for ratings.
  6. hitmanuk2k

    First thing you're going to do/have done

    I always love running down a nice crowd of people when I first play the new games.
  7. hitmanuk2k

    So... I made an executive decision

    Something tells me there is going to be a fair bit of discussion about GTA IV is the coming weeks, so I made the executive decision to create it's own section. That thread, which now has over 1,000 posts, would just get too confusing to find any information - and I dare say the same question...
  8. hitmanuk2k

    10 (Realistic) Predictions for PES 2009

    I’ve been covering Pro Evolution Soccer online for the past 6 years now and Konami can be pretty predictable - so here are my best educated guesses for what we are likely to see. PES 2009 WILL BE RELEASED IN OCTOBER Forget all the rumours you may have heard about there being no Pro Evolution...
  9. hitmanuk2k

    Vote Now For Your Goal Of The Month
  10. hitmanuk2k

    Don't forget to submit files to the 'Completed Files' area

    I have noticed a couple of files which were released yesterday at various sites but the creators did not submit them here. If you spot a new option file at another site, please feel free to submit here for the thousands of pes fans who come looking.
  11. hitmanuk2k

    Mccroix Option File v1.0 (PS3) - Includes Premier League kits

    This file, by mccroix which was originally posted at evo-web, includes… * Updated English Premier League Kits (only using the editor, not badges etc). * All English Premier League Transfers. * Correct Player Names (EPL & German National Team). * Updated Player...
  12. hitmanuk2k

    Official Guide

    Anybody who has an official PES 2008 guide book by Piggyback, could you please post your reviews and thoughts. We are going to be compiling an article for the front page with a selection of user reviews and our own views.
  13. hitmanuk2k

    PESGaming PES6 PC Tournament!

    In association with Nextman Games, PESGaming presents our first ever pay-to-enter tournament for PES6 on PC. Here is the lowdown! Sign up at Tournament name: The Tournament Entry Fee: £5 Prize...
  14. hitmanuk2k

    Elite Membership for a £5 ends on August 19th!

    Our Elite membership structure is changing. As of August 19th (this Sunday) you will no longer be able to purchase elite membership at the current rate of £5 for life. Current elite users are not effected by this change, nor are any members who choose to upgrade before midnight Sunday. You...
  15. hitmanuk2k

    Signature Images

    Due to certain people abusing the signature image size restrictions as stated in the rules, we have now restricted user ability to using img tags in signatures. You now must use the PESGaming signature image uploader, which is set so that you can only upload images which fit the size requirement...
  16. hitmanuk2k 50 Grand Tourny have announced the world's biggest prize fund for a Pro Evolution Soccer tournament yet. Up for grabs will be fifty... yes, FIFTY THOUSAND pound prize pool. The tournament which kicks off online will be open to everyone in the UK who pre-orders and buys the game from Play. The...
  17. hitmanuk2k

    New Commentators for PES 2008?

    Please, please, please let this be true! Zoo are reporting that Konami have finally dumped the abysmal combination of Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking. The new pairing is said to be ITV's Jon Champion and BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson. I think Jon Champion has one of the best commentary...
  18. hitmanuk2k

    Voting Time in GOTM! Be Quick...

    uncleXXXmas wins the May/June GOTM competition with ConsoleGoals are happy to announce that uncleXXXmas was the winner of the May/June GOTM competiton. He will receive a £50 voucher for the online retailer of his choice Winning video: 878fea090ed070b44f1a...
  19. hitmanuk2k

    3 days left for your GOTM entries

    Time is running out to get yourselves entered into our bi-monthly goal contest, sponsored by You can bag 50 quids worth of vouchers for your favourite online store just for showing off your Pro Evo talents! Head on over to our GOTM area for rules and to enter.
  20. hitmanuk2k

    Play's Summer Sale... a lot of bargains!'s summer sale has just started, and WOW there are some offers to be had. Check it out Some of my top picks are Terminator 2 Ultimate Edition at 2.99, Oasis' Stop the Clocks at 4.99 and a whole bunch of PS3 games under 30! Spend more than 50 quid and use voucher YBTBBMBGLK at checkout...