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  1. CaptainCabinet

    RDR Single-Player Discussion

    Take them down with a few shots (2 or 3) to the body/leg with a pistol this should wound them and make it easier, also try running in circles behind them and sneaking up on them.
  2. CaptainCabinet

    Football Manager 2010 [PC/Mac]

    I've booted up 2006 recently. It was the good times of Portsmouth. One division above of the scum, and with a nice kitty to play with I set about work. Selling upwards of 15m of players through the season I bought in a fairly strong team including: Huntelaar Vanden Borre Billy Jones Motta...
  3. CaptainCabinet

    People who disconnect in middle of game

    Go 2-0 up in the first half and I'd say 85% of people quit. It's a joke. Some people are ridiculously petty.
  4. CaptainCabinet

    Fed up with this piece of shit and it's not even been 2 months...

    What a load of nonsense. Take real life - FA Cup 2007. Man Utd were all over us for 93 and a half minutes. Who won? Oh yeah, Pompey did. It happens, it's football. No, I don't agree that at all. You just seem to have a level of mild racism towards your internet servers, anyway, who's to say...
  5. CaptainCabinet

    Fed up with this piece of shit and it's not even been 2 months...

    For the record, no, I quite enjoy testing myself against people from France, Spain, Germany et al. You lost a few games. Grow up.
  6. CaptainCabinet

    I'm Back

    Who're you?
  7. CaptainCabinet

    I want to kiss your face.

    I want to kiss your face.
  8. CaptainCabinet

    My twin boys were born today!

    Warmest congrats fella.
  9. CaptainCabinet

    New Admins - Vote Result

    Congrats to you both, commiserations to the others.
  10. CaptainCabinet

    Stop The Scripted Cheating

    It's not cheating, grow up.
  11. CaptainCabinet

    New Admin Voting

    1. Papa 2. Phatmann 3. Hunter 4. Cookie 5. Joel 6. Baddar
  12. CaptainCabinet

    General PES 2010 News

    All aboard! ¬_¬
  13. CaptainCabinet

    Xbox 360

    Grammar ¬_¬ Tried the towel trick Phil?