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  1. Miggy

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Your review.

    Use this thread to post your thoughts on the game. Try and keep spoilers out for the time being, if need be write them in white. I'm interested in knowing peoples thoughts on the game. Gametrailers have theirs up now
  2. Miggy


    So which Trax don't you mind kicking the ball around in the Arena to? I quite like that song Gold Guns Girls - Metric I couldn't stand that Wegue Wegue song. That had to go.
  3. Miggy

    Old School Game Cheats

    The only one I can remember off the top of my head was for Cool Boarders on the PS1 On the menu screen if you pressed select 40 times the announcers voice would speed up making him sound like a chipmunk "Go for it!". Pointless cheat but one I shall forever remember. Do you remember any random...
  4. Miggy

    UFC 2009 Undisputed

    Release date is May 19th. Some videos Looks pretty damn good hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
  5. Miggy

    Star Wars Battlefront 3

    b5Zb0iSWGTM Not that exciting. Anyone heard much about this? Quiet liked the first two myself so a third one on Next Gen would be welcomed by me. On-line could be pretty fun.
  6. Miggy

    Register now to play PES 09 online PC/PS3

    You'll need a Konami ID if you want to play online. If you already have one from playing Metal Gear Solid online then you can use that one. If not, you'll have to go here and sign up. I hate Konami and Sony so much right now:fplm:
  7. Miggy

    What will you be saying...

    Ok I know they're is a thread out there somewhere with this question but I couldn't find it. So when you ask your mates, if you have them, what do you say? Fancy a game of pro/pes/ P.E.S? I always refer to it as pro all of my mates in England and Spain do the same. Although there was...
  8. Miggy

    PC PES 2009 Benchmarks and Specs,661445/News/PES_2009_im_Test_Vergleichsbilder_plus_VGA-Benchmarks/
  9. Miggy

    No FIFA threads

    This is the PES 2009 Discussion section so please avoid opening a thread about FIFA here. It will be closed.
  10. Miggy

    PES 2009 Official Champions League Trailer

    9RMGlSA1JrY All this has got me slightly more excited.
  11. Miggy

    The Official Cover

    I'm a huge fan :D
  12. Miggy

    Download C&C Red Alert free, just for today.

    Many a fond memory of this game.
  13. Miggy

    Heavy Rain [PS3]

    MP260in3ph4 Anyone who's played Fahrenheit will know that this game is going to be awesome. I like forward to this.
  14. Miggy

    Top 7 Things to do in GTA IV

    25lHrSZA4qI :/ surely more and better fun times to be had. That cat cannon does seem like a must.
  15. Miggy

    Resident Evil 5

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  16. Miggy

    Top 10: Things we want from GTA IV DLC Post up your own suggestions. A new radio station is a must for me, at times I just turn the radio off entirely and listen to my own music off my iPod.
  17. Miggy

    PS3 Multiplayer "clan"

    I thought we should have a thread so to help organise games on-line. Might want to sign up to that too. After you've signed up go to edit profile so to link it with your PSN account.
  18. Miggy

    Game, anyone?

    Got Pro 6 set up on my Playstation 3 now and was just curious to see if anyone was up for a game. I've had 3 games so far. Won my first one with West Ham against Brazil. I was winning 3-1 :) The guy quit. Second game was against Atletico Madrid I was Lazio. I was 2-1 up then I gave him a...
  19. Miggy

    Okami [PS2]

    Has anyone played this game? I got it before Christmas but never really touched it. Started playing it again yesterday and must say its a brilliant game. I recommend it to any RPG fan. It's shell shaded and looks brilliant especially for a ps2 title. The speach can be rather tedious though.