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  1. goalgerd

    [BLES01406] Goalgerd,Chimps with Quiffs,Klashmann European Club Soccer Pes 2012 UK

    GAMEPLAY UPDATE OUT NOW UK BLESCODE 01406 European Club Soccer includes the following leagues and teams Premier League fully updated with players and kits Ligue 1 fully updated players Serie A fully updated players La Liga fully updated players Portugese Superliga fully...
  2. goalgerd

    Goalgerd Chimps with Quiffs Edited Gameplay Pes 2011 Ps3 Option File

    GAMEPLAY V1.3 FILE OUT NOW GAMEPLAY FOR PREM,LIGUE1, SERIE A,LA LIGA AND EREDIVISE UPDATEDALL teams in the file all with full kits and players all players added with full postions,age height weight and full stats all international teams full premier league full la liga full serie...
  3. goalgerd

    Chimps with Quiffs Goalgerd UK PS3 World Soccer V1 with FULL EDITED GAMEPLAY

    COMPATIBLE WITH DLC 1.05 The Best makers of pro evolution files are back together again and this year and we have made the biggest and best file the ps3 has ever seen This file includes the following All prem kits corrected and updated All la liga kits corrected and updated All...
  4. goalgerd

    Goalgerd & Chimps Prologue Pes2010

    The Best makers of pro evolution files are back together again and this year we intend to make the biggest and best file the ps3 have ever seen so with this in mind i thought id send out a feeler of the work we are doing,the full file will be released in the coming weeks:D UK VERSION ONLY...
  5. goalgerd

    Psm3 thoughts on pes2010

    Just got PSM3 the PES 2010 feature is ten pages long from a glance here's what they say has been improved More focused commentary More Balanced refs and 'advantage' rule Lots of extra player specific goal celebration Revised penalty system which offers more control Much better goalkeepers...
  6. goalgerd

    Old PES Files or Links

    Ive been playing a lot of pes 2,3 and 4 recently just to refresh my memory to how good the pes series was at that stage,the only thing is i havent been to find working file links for those 3 games,does anyone know where i can find the files i need to enjoy these 3 games alot more than i am doing...
  7. goalgerd

    Seabass Ign Interview Sounds like he talking shite again:rolleyes:, and DLC confirmed:unsure:
  8. goalgerd

    Pes Dlc? so updated jan transfers or new kits, balls and boots?
  9. goalgerd

    Goalgerds 08-09 Beta File

  10. goalgerd

    Goalgerds Pes6 Season2007-08 Winter Update

    Goalgerds Pes6 Season2007-08 Winter Update Here it is,the greatest pes6 ever!!! :) :) This File contains the following and much ,much more:w00t :w00t Most teams and star players improved for more realistic experience All Winter transfers completed 100% Correct Club Team Names...
  11. goalgerd

    GOALGERDS next gen EDIT MODE(will work with ps3 too)

    right ive got the new xbox pes2008 and have noticed how hard it is to make and transfer files for it,so ive decided to show you what kits you can make using the in game editor,there are more there than i first thought and some of them are surprisingly good!!! il add more kits as i go and pics...
  12. goalgerd

    Milanista V3.8 Errors Thread

    post any errors you have found in here thanks
  13. goalgerd

    (all)pes6 Pategato Goalgerd World Soccer V3

    COMING SOON HOBOTEAM PRESENTS WORLD SOCCER V3 From the makers of the best option file series on PES6 comes the new fully updated WORLD SOCCER V3 more teams more players more everything watch this space............
  14. goalgerd

    Ps2/pc Pategato Goalgerd World Soccer V2 Errors Thread

    ERRORS THREAD im going to post all the errors for our file in here,feel free to post in what you have to help everyone out here what we found so far bayer leverkusen should be bayer not bayern leverkusen nicky butt to be changed from cf postion with another foward or put...
  15. goalgerd

    Ps2/PC Pategato Goalgerd World Soccer V2

    this new V2 file includes: NO MASTER LEAGUE BUG pategato has fixed the problem by rebuilding whole file from the base up,we have both tested master league and it doesnt crash after 1st season thank god!!! All new Del Perio/Plf/Bagrunnel stat database,for more realistic gameplay in...
  16. goalgerd

    (all)pes6 Pategato Goalgerd World Soccer V1

    COMING 30TH NOVEMBER 2006 pategato & goalgerd PES6 World Soccer V1 this new file will include 100% Correct Club Team Names. 100% Correct Player Names. 100% Correct Stadium Names. 100% Correct Squad Numbers 100% Correct League and Cup Names. 100% Team Formations No More...
  17. goalgerd

    [ALL] PES5 Pategato Goalgerd Update V1

    PES5 WE9IOPTION FILE Based on the highly successful WSAG V3 special thanks to bluescouse here is the pategato goalgerd update v1,an updated PES5 file with all the things left out of the fantastic wsag v3 file this new file includes 100% Correct Club Team Names. 100%...
  18. goalgerd

    Pes6 Boot Edit

    Im now taking requests for pes6 for any boot you are looking for,want to get as many boot formulas ready for the weekend the game comes out.I will know which boots il be able to make when i get the game on 27oct so if anybody would like their boots up to date feel free to ask the default...
  19. goalgerd

    New Winning 11/pes6 Clips

    have a look at some of the new stuff in winning11/pes6 extra1 extra2 extra3...
  20. goalgerd

    boot edit 2006-07

    PES6 boot edit 2006-07PES6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have noticed that most new members of this website have asked about how to use the pes6 boot editor, so here are my codes 4the boots that will be used in the 06-07 season hope its...