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  1. Charlie


    I need to learn the tricks as soon as possible, I cant find the booklet. Can anyone help us out? Love, Charlie
  2. Charlie

    PES: Your favourite player...

    I was playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and 2009 the other day and I asked my mate 'Who's your favourite player in all the Pro games?'. This led to me thinking about mines and after about 2 seconds I realized it was this man, from PES6... What couldnt he do? He scored most my...
  3. Charlie

    Rugby XBox 360

    Been searching for a possble release date of a Rugby game on the 'box but nothing... Only the old games come up in the searches, which arent compatible. Has anyone heard/read anything about a possible game?
  4. Charlie

    Backheel Lift Shot

    Ive been trying like a nutcase to get this trick (aswell as the Backheel high pass that I seen in the teaser of the game, months ago) but I still havent found out how to do it. Can anyone explain it? And maybe the players who can actually do it?
  5. Charlie

    Dead Rising (360)

    Along with Just Cause, and now Call of Duty 3, this game is looking a 'dead' cert to get with the 360. My brother played it at a mates house and had nothing bad to say about it. Apparently you can roam anywhere and use everything on the Zombies, be it putting a traffic cone on their heads...
  6. Charlie

    Just Cause (360)

    I had the satisfaction of playing this game yesterday when pre-ordering my PES6 game. It was on the console that Ill be purchasing in the next month or so leading up to Christmas, the 360. I dont know a whole lot of the game like the missons etc, but I stood playing it till I got hungry (Day...
  7. Charlie

    Football Manager: Handheld

    Has anyone else got this game on the PSP? Its a good game and its very addictive when you get the controls sorted. Theres no half timeteam talks tho, but its just almost like the PC Version and its well worth a buy. Teams like Chelsea on the PC Version has like 98m, on the PSP they have 45m & a...
  8. Charlie

    van Basten: Set Piece

    This is the first set piece that I have posted and this goal was on my 2nd memory card and I thought that I would post it because its a neat and well placed set piece... Here
  9. Charlie

    N' Zogbia to Larsson, Lob

    I scored this 10 minutes ago against a mate. We both chose our ML teams and the final score was 4-0, me. This goal was the pick of the bunch... ... The move basically started off from a great tackle from Terry, who then sent the ball to N' Zogbia, who put it thre for Henrik and well, you'll...
  10. Charlie

    My 1st Rabona Goal

    Check it out, outside the 18' and eveything... My 1st Rabona Goal
  11. Charlie

    Ronaldihno Volley

    This bad boy here is the first goal I have posted, I had to take my digital camera up to the screen to take it... Ronaldinho Volley
  12. Charlie


    Alright Lads Havent Been On In A While As My Pc Went And Got Virused Due To A Mate Of Mines. It Should Be On In My Own House Shortly Im Waiting On Ntl To Send Out Some Stuff. See You Then, Lads!
  13. Charlie

    Clinton Morrison & Andy Reid

    Could someone give me the stats and apperance please. Hope im not a bother.
  14. Charlie

    Destroy All Humans...

    Recently got Destroy All Humans for the XBox... i enjoy this wee game, good laugh, i have the poor cows tortured. Levitating them and smashing them to the ground... doing the same with people & cars sometimes... good laugh. Any one else play it? What you think ?
  15. Charlie


    Im Charlie, 19, from Derry in N. Ireland. Recently ive just came across this website and in my first couple minutes browsing around it, i thought that this site is really good. None of the ones i hang around with talk about PES like you all do, and i must say, its great. PES is easily the...