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  1. iancurtis1980

    Data pack 2 coming October 11th

    Found this over at pesfan: Summer transfers update coming to PES 2013 on October 11th Konami have announced that the second data pack for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 will be available to download from next Thursday. Data Pack 2 will incorporate all completed deals from the summer transfer...
  2. iancurtis1980

    is the first DLC out yet?

    Im caught up at work, and just wanted to know if the new dlc was already available and what it mostly included besides the 3 extra spanish stadiums and kits, boots etc?
  3. iancurtis1980

    Can we buy Libertadores players in ML this year?

    So, can we buy Libertadores players in ML this year? Because I thought I read somewhere that someone bought Neymar in ML as he was registered in other teams (and you still had to pay a fee, but now I´m reading around here, that it´s just like last year, that we had to base copy the players on...
  4. iancurtis1980

    League 2 kits (France)

    I´m trying to create the french 2nd division, and I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out creating each teams kits and badge´s I would be grateful, I´ll start posting pics shortly...
  5. iancurtis1980

    Help with some League/Club emblems

    Good day, I was wondering if anyone be kind enough to resize the following emblems for ps3 png? many thanks The Ligue 2 league Logo for the league
  6. iancurtis1980

    New stadia pics

    Anyone know wether any pics of the other 3 new stadiums have been released? Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo Stade de Sagittaire Stadio Orione Rose Park Estádio de Escorpião
  7. iancurtis1980

    Liga Adelante kit templates?

    Good day, does anyone have or know where I can find the Liga Adelante (Spanish Second Division) templates? Many thanks. I would really appreciate it.