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  1. FutebolArte

    North American Cover

    looks awesome
  2. FutebolArte

    Confirmed North American Date For Pes 2009 After some bad news earlier today regarding a postponed demo date, this info should ease the pains of our North American fanbase. North American PES fans, you’re in for a treat! A close friend of WENB...
  3. FutebolArte

    Gamespot Gives PES 2009 a thumbs up

    Plays way better looks way better looking like a good year for us lads... minute 12;06;title;1
  4. FutebolArte

    EA to charge for roster updates... man oh man... another 10 buck? hmmm for an inferior product, when I can get OFs for free here???
  5. FutebolArte

    Tutorial makes My PS3 crash???

    The online tutorial is making my PS3 crash... (that's why I went to bed at 7 am, I would've kept playing...) try it out, go to multi player tutorial... Play to the end... Heard it here 1st
  6. FutebolArte

    How many of you succeeded in diving inside the box??

    just wonderin.. I'm playing the demo right now and its I managed no to get a foul called and my player got up asking for the penalty... but I haven't managed to do it propperly and get the foul...
  7. FutebolArte

    PES 2008 trailer good quality
  8. FutebolArte

    lincences for pes 2008

    PES 2008 Promises More Licensed Teams Than Ever Thanks to Gregory Wintgens (Planet-Xbox) , we have some information regarding the officially licensed teams that will feature in PES 2008. PRESS RELEASE: PES 2008 Signs up new talent Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released further...
  9. FutebolArte


    pretty cool game... just downloaded the demo.... spent a good half hour playing.. pretty cool how you actually have to pull off tricks as opposed to tony hawk where its all so scripted.... kinda like PES v FIFA
  10. FutebolArte

    Next Gen PES WE???

    Is there a winning eleven or PES for any next gen consoles??? because I bought something that was called WEPES2007 that doesn't remotely resemble the game on the PS2...
  11. FutebolArte

    PS 2 controller for 360

    man... this is exactly what I need... I didnt adapt well to the xbox controller.... I used to be a dominating player on PS2, still am, but the 360.. I'm good at best... Should've said adapter for 360
  12. FutebolArte

    Who uses the chip-trap ball skill

    so I imported the guide, great. Fantasticc... and on page 66 they teach you the chip -trap... anyone ever use this??? I just spent an hour just trying to do it.. sick, I imagine once perfected will come very handy... which brings me to my question, DOEES ANYONE USE THIS TRAP????
  13. FutebolArte

    360 or PS3????

    Sorry if there is a thread about this.. PES winning eleven 2007 is out in a few weeks... Should I get it on the PS3 or the Xbox??? but I guess asking you guys would be useless seeing how you only know the Xbox version... I must say, I have a wii.. and the possibility of playing on a sixaxis...
  14. FutebolArte

    my oponion on your opinions

    I've noticed something in these threads, everyone that bought the 360 version says its well worth it, even though there isnt an editing feature. I'd import it, but the 360 has region coding.
  15. FutebolArte

    so next years model... WHAT WILL IT BE CALLED???

    Surely they wouldn't call it winning eleven 11? maybe like winning 11 squared.. or something like that...
  16. FutebolArte

    Winning Eleven 9 on 360

    so, I was just wondering.. do you think it'll be on the 360??? as a 360 game when it comes out in the americas??? or will it just be emulated?? cuz I might get a 360 if its a 360 version
  17. FutebolArte

    Need Christian

    I need his stats ... the ex PSG guy.... anybody??
  18. FutebolArte

    need stats... a couple of brazilians

    I need to know the stats for Christian, plays in Japan. also, one of the revelations of the year, Hernanes. plays for sao paulo. ANYONE????
  19. FutebolArte

    classic teams

    anyone know the roster for the classic brazil team??? I couldnt figure out #s 22, 5, 3 and 2
  20. FutebolArte

    what type os crossing/long pass is best for you

    I've been fooking around with the types of different crossing within the game.. I found that type4 works best for me, but when I cross in the box, they usually go out for a goal kick. and if u cross using L1 then its auto (press once for centre, 2x for far post and 3x for grounder)