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  1. tosheus

    Pre-programmed handicapped and sabotaging AI?

    I am honestly sick of this game and Konami..
  2. tosheus

    Pre-programmed handicapped and sabotaging AI?

    I could type a thousand words to explain that it's just not that good.. People make do, for some people it's not how good it is, but they have to play the newest version.. Even if it's not too hot. They released it early to get it out before fifa, it wasn't ready, now they're playing catch up...
  3. tosheus

    Who's gone back to PES 2013?

    Lol.. Fully refunded from Asda. 13's back in the x-box.. Re-editing all teams and loving it... Pes 14 is utter shit. (I no longer suffer from Pes blindness) To me, it had become a matter of principle. It's not ready, don't release it... Simple. There will be a lot of eager, younger players who...
  4. tosheus

    patch problems

    It's ok.. No data pack then just start editing... Oh hang on.. Can't use my xbox camera.. No modify or select image... Completely fucked for anyone who likes to do it for themselves... Pes is now a game which can only be played if you download the fuck out of everything and Konami don't do it...
  5. tosheus

    ML probs after official download..

    Hello all, I wonder if any of you could help me? I downloaded the new official update and tried to start a new ML but it freezes when I put 'classic players' on. When I choose off, it's fine. Problem is, I didn't update the team sheets as I've edited it to the fuckin max.. No way am I...
  6. tosheus

    No league mode in pes this year

    Yo Ali, cheers mate.. I'm sort of new to this forum/post/thread thing.. So I'll never do it again................ Sorry mate, couldn't resist. Promise, never again..
  7. tosheus

    No league mode in pes this year

    Quite a civilised discussion considering how pissed off we all are... My beautiful classic teams league, me playing as classic colombia... gone... lol, wankers.. Again, really impressed with it, and, oggmeister, you're bang on.. AI seems to be sorted. But no league mode.. Fuck man, swear to...
  8. tosheus

    No league mode in pes this year

    No league is a major flaw in the game.. I spend time getting my classic teams and players edited but can only play in exhibition mode... Crazy. Shame because this new version has really impressed me. First one since pes 4 on the playstation to be honest. The edit mode has kept me buying this for...
  9. tosheus

    Prequel data

    It looks like you have to import prequel before update... This is a big deal...
  10. tosheus

    my feedback to konami about pes 13

    Just got it and spent quite a while loading etc... then turned it off. Turned it on again, then 6, (yes...... 6.) mins until i could play an exhibition game..... Not a good start. You've , as usual, promised a lot with this one. I'm not holding my breath...... Could it be you're lying... again.
  11. tosheus

    PES 2013 Good News!!

    Great news, Fifa's got them all.....
  12. tosheus

    Im not falling for it.. Again

    Agree mate, I played pes for 8 years, without fail... 2012 was the final straw, utter lazyness... Doyle beats Terry and Lescott in the air, then destroys the net with a scud missile type header... Scott Dann picks the ball up in his own half, round Ramires, Lampard then Cahill.... Then round...
  13. tosheus

    Does Anyone Else Think They've Ruined ML?

    lets be honest, the edit mode has saved this game for years.. the 2012 version is the one, the one that tipped me... fifa from now on. so disapointed, gutted.. dj campbell, out jumps cabaye and coloccini then spreads it wide to wright phillips, takes it to the corner past 2 or 3 players, lays it...
  14. tosheus

    Big Money Transfers

    just restarted my ML with a good few unlocked players, 2 seasons in and just played arsenal, they had ian wright, tony adams and seaman... haha also, redknapp signed for spurs (daddy sorted that), barnes signed for liverpool and that sly bastard shearer DID go to man utd...
  15. tosheus

    Death of dribbling

    'you should pay attention to the players feet'..... right on brother!
  16. tosheus

    Death of dribbling

    i have to say, when i first started playing it, the response time really got to me. it seemed like an unfinished game at times. i couldn't dribble past anyone, with anyone and no way could i get off a shot.. but now i can do both fluently. the thing is, we're used to this arcade type of movement...
  17. tosheus

    PES 2009 Edit Mode Features

    sort out the beard dude! i've been there mate. all you do is default the face then put ure beard on, then save. open it back up and import your face again, bang the new beard is there... let me know how you get on pal.
  18. tosheus

    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    hmmm.... well i've read with interest as everyone seems to have came to the same conclusion.. 'I'll put up with it. hope the next one's good though...' the age old saying, 'man fears change,' seems to be the rule.. let's be honest. it's a fuckin joke. they put it out, we buy it...... why should...
  19. tosheus

    Your Best Pes Memory

    haha, the crowds like the big boys getting beat... i've got a mate who is a bit of a nutter, fighting, jail etc.. and every month we all get together, 7/8 of us, and have a little league for a tenner a man... so on this occasion it was down to me and him for the title. last game is always a 30...
  20. tosheus

    Konami, please take action, or we take action!

    machinehead... i know that feeling... sitting, waiting.. then bang! you just know it's coming.. maybe it is just that, who knows.. but a spot on way of looking at it, seriously mate, cheers...