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  1. J

    About tactics - linked sliders

    Yes, it affects width. So it relates to support range, playing style and the general shape of the team.
  2. J

    Where are the 1 bar passers?

    Yes, it's easier to power up passes on full assisted and it also means people play really shit football with <50% pass accuracy. I'd rather just play 1-bar passers and have better games.
  3. J

    About tactics - linked sliders

    If your lineup is spread out, put it down to 6-8. If your lineup is already compact, leave it at 10.
  4. J

    About tactics - linked sliders

    Yep. It seems clear that the top two sliders (player support and support range) are linked in terms of the teams mentality. Pressing and defensive line are also linked heavily as they are in real life. You can pretty much link all of the sliders to the actual shape of the team. These videos of...
  5. J

    Where are the 1 bar passers?

    It sounds like lots of people play on this setting but I can't get match ups when I add the pass support filter. I've only played one person on that setting and it was more fun than games against full assisted players who just do the same old things.
  6. J


    You just need to time them. They're not easy but you wouldn't want them to be an exploit like in FIFA.
  7. J

    How to install data pack 2 xbox please help

    It's not been re-released for Xbox AFAIK.
  8. J

    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    Does my head in, playing on lower assistance than all others is challenge enough without the lag.
  9. J

    CPU's difficulty...

    Are you playing on full manual? That would be the next thing to do.
  10. J

    Why always Real or Barca?

    Are you sure it's not because of the matching system. People usually pick the same teams (Chelsea or Madrid) and abuse lobbed through balls and finesse shots. Don't try and tell me the FIFA community are any better.
  11. J

    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    So squads will be updated? I hope so because I am putting a few things off until they are right.
  12. J

    Tactics thread 2013
  13. J

    Tactics thread 2013
  14. J

    Switching between preset strategies during game

    I'd like to know this too.
  15. J

    Manual Shooting and passing

    Oh sorry, no it's just right. It's like FIFA's semi-manual which I use when I play it.
  16. J

    Manual Shooting and passing

    It isn't.
  17. J

    PES 2013 Demo 1: Feedback, Impressions, Discussions etc.

    If you believe EA and their friends in the media. I say that as a long term FIFA player. I just think there are fundamental absences in FIFA that are always in PES such accurate momentum/inertia of players and realistic defensive positioning.
  18. J

    How deep will Player ID go?

    Placebo effect, they seem more like themselves. Must just be good use of pre-existing features.
  19. J

    How deep will Player ID go?

    Thanks, it's a good start.