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  1. peixe02

    [ACCESSORIES] Players' Boots Database

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CYPRIOT FIRST DIVISION ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APOEL Sanel Jahić: adidas F50 adizero (Purple/Electricity/Infrared)...
  2. peixe02

    [KITS] Team's shirts from all over the world

    [KITS] Teams' shirts from all over the world In this thread I'll be indexing shirts from teams all over the world (clubs and nationals). The objective of this thread is to give PNG makers a good resource, so they won't need to spend hours looking for good images of a shirt. Club Teams...
  3. peixe02

    [LEAGUE] The Classic Teams Creation Thread

    The Classic Players Editing Thread The modern game of football started back in 1863, and since then we were lucky to see (live or in videos) many amazing players that unfortunately had to retire some day. But with this thread you will be able to create in PES the greatest players and teams...
  4. peixe02

    [LEAGUE] The Brasileirão Creation Thread

    The Brasileirão Creation Thread The Campeonato Brasileiro, also known as Brasileirão, is the professional football league at the top of the Brazilian football league system and is held annually since 1959. Contested by twenty clubs, it operates a system of promotion and relegation with the...
  5. peixe02

    Players to base-copy from PES2011 to PES2012

    As some may know, it's possible to transfer players from PES2011 to PES2012. All you need to do is base-copy them onto the Created Players section, and then choose the correct option in PES2012 (if you can give more info about this, please do so posting in this thread). With this in mind, I...
  6. peixe02

    The Brasileirão Creation Thread

    Note: The index is still under construction. Links in blue stands for faces. Links in red stands for stats. Links in green stands for accessories. -------------------- América Mineiro Goalkeepers: -- Flávio -- França -- Glaycon -- Matheus Defenders: -- Fabricio -- Gabriel -- Jean -- Lula...
  7. peixe02

    The Npower Championship Creation Thread

    Following the success of the Bundesliga Creation Thread, I'm going to start a NPower Championship Creation Thread, where users can post faces, stats, accessories, formations, kits... everything about the teams playing in the English second division! Everything that is posted in here is going to...
  8. peixe02

    Player Accessories Thread

    Just a note: I'm Ray_Plus from PESFan, so I'm not stealing anything. I decided to create a list with the accessories for some players, including their boots. Some of these boots aren't in the game, but most of them can be replaced by another one without any problem; for example, if a player...