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  1. Bi-One

    [FACES] PES Custom Faces (2019)

    holy! thats like ab present!
  2. Bi-One

    [FACES] PES Custom Faces (2019)

    is it possible to get these formulas as an xbox one-player? its a very nice idea!
  3. Bi-One

    [FACES][PS4][NO REQUESTS] Pes 2019 facebuilds by kitfisto

    another year, another great faces. nice! :D
  4. Bi-One

    [FACES] PES Custom Faces

    i like that idea. is it possible for people who play on the xbox one?
  5. Bi-One

    [FACES] PES Custom Faces

    really great , mate!
  6. Bi-One

    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2017/18

    is this thread still alive? :D so... what about the stats and the kits? any news about it?
  7. Bi-One

    Player Face Index

    really great
  8. Bi-One

    [FACES][PS4][NO REQUESTS] Pes 2018 facebuilds by kitfisto

    great to have you, once again, here! :)
  9. Bi-One

    [FACES] AntonyC's Face Builds

    just amazing!
  10. Bi-One

    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2016/17

    Hey Eisuke, it would be nice if you put the stats from paul into the first post merry christmas.
  11. Bi-One

    Faces by bamabravesfan

    great as always, mate! :)
  12. Bi-One

    [TRANSFERS] Summer 16/17 Player Transfers

    Draxler is not safe yet. ;)
  13. Bi-One

    [FACES] Faces by ronystan

    wow nice lampard!
  14. Bi-One

    The PES 2017 Request Thread

    yeah that is nice, thank you!
  15. Bi-One

    The PES 2017 Request Thread

    hey there i want to create some youth-players for the ML so i need a few stats: Pascal Köpke (Erzgebirge Aue) Nikolai Rehnen (Arminia Bielefeld) Keanu Staude (Arminia Bielefeld) Timo Königsmann (Hannover 96) Timo Baumgartl (VfB Stuttgart) Ohis Felix Uduokhai (1860 München) Arianit Ferati...
  16. Bi-One

    Faces by bamabravesfan

    great faces, mate. as always. hope to see more soon! cheers
  17. Bi-One

    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2016/17

    i need your help, guys. i played on the xbone so i cannot copy png-files into the game. i've must do all kits by my own but i have "problems" with the adidas-kit. the one's with the strips on the side. did anyone know a good template-combination how it looks simular? (ps: until now i used one...
  18. Bi-One

    [FACES] Faces by KoBr24

    das badstuber-gesicht <3 that badstuber-face <3
  19. Bi-One

    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2016/17

    Javi Martinez here you go ;) Javier Martínez Aginaga (Javi Martínez) - FC Bayern München - No. 8 Face: Skin Colour/Head Ratio: 2 / +4 / +1 / +1 / -3 / +2 Eyes: 6 / / 2 / +5 / 0 / 2 / +1 / +7 / +7 / -2 / +7 / +2 / -4 / -1 / -5 / -7 / +5 Forehead/Brows: 4 / 8 / +1 / Thick /...
  20. Bi-One

    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2016/17

    My try of Javi Martínez: any suggestions what i have to change? or is it okay?