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    January transfer update/Konami

    Do any one know if Konami are going to have the January transfer update? Or it’s a Manually something that each player need to
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    Help with kits asap

    Hello , Why no one willing to help ??? The game already release long time ago, I do understand that on the beginning people was so busy with creating files/kits and more. I'm willing to pay , for the hard work , I need help with kits, i've already created the full league , Full...
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    2015 master league silly question

    I'm trying to understand this muster league competition, if I create my own league and I want to start a muster league competition with my league without any relegation teams is that possible? I mean let's say I play with Chelsea, and I don't want to have the situation and to play in Division...
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    Xbox one & ps4 Option file

    Hello, any news regarding option files for Xbox one and PS4? It's look like we canot upload any this year, I hope we will;) Thanks
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    2015 pes Xbox one

    Hey, I'm not sore if this is the right place to post this? If not I'm sorry;) Xbox one & ps4 , are we going to have any option to load option file with full kits and more to the new console ? Thanks Eyal
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    Help pls, importing crowd chants ps3

    How do I import crowd chabts In pes 14 ps3?
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    master league pes 2014 ps3

    hello, i was wonder if you can pick a team , lets say chelsea and you play full season, lets say that Chelsea going down to deviation 2, its possible to play season after season with no teams going p and down ? sorry abput my english.
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    looking for option file

    hello, just got my game for the ps3, its us version, blues# 31322, any option file that can work for me? thanks
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    Israeli league ps3 pes2014 help

    Hello evry one, can anyone help please with create the right kits for this league? I will more than happy to do the rest, I'm willing to pay/ donate money, if any one can help,pls let me know, it's for a good cost ;) Thanks !!!
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    Create my own PNG

    Hello every one, how do I crate my on PNG for pes 2014 ps3? If any one can hellp, I would so appreciate that.
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    Pes14 Png Making

    Hello, sorry if i posted in the wrong spot :) That any one start making PNG for pes 14 ps3 ? thanks Eyal
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    Export/import teams

    Hello everyone. I would love to know, If it's possible to import my league from PES 2013 to PES 14, I am talking about PS3 console. Thanks for all the help Eyal
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    pc option file convert to ps3

    Hello can i convert a pc option file, and take one league from this patch and play in ps3? thanks
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    pes 2013 ps3

    hello every one. im not shore if this is the place to ask my question, but i hope to get the help. i live at the us, i got ps3 that i buy from the us, i want to buy pes 2013 ps3 from Israel, its the game will work on my ps3 us version ? last year i buy the the game from the UK and its...
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    Npower Championship

    Hey All that any one make [LEAGUE] The Npower Championship pes 2013 ps3 us version ? Thanks for the hard work.
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    Help pls.

    Hey i live in the USA, and i want to buy pes2012. i don't want the us version of the game , i want to have the EU of the game , but don't know from wear to buy it. its impotent that the game will have BLES 01407 Thanks
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    help pls :)

    Hey Can any one make me this sponsor in 128 x 128 pixel pls? ( in white pls) Thanks
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    Option File Pes 2012 US Version

    Hey That any have us option file ps3 ? or any one make it soon ? im looking for - Barclay's premier league ( England) Bundesliga ( Germany) Zagros Liga ( Portugal) Thanks
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    Pes 2012 ( create teams ?)

    Hey, just want to know pls, in pes 2011, i create my league , teams, and players, that will be possible to load my teams or the league that i create to pes2012? or i have to create my teams and league all over again in pes2012 , Thanks
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    Hey guys, that ani one make stadiums her ? i wood like to get help ? thanks