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  1. ZombiFleshDiet

    Looking for sites listing old footy games on any format?

    Hi, in another thread, have been talking about the old International Superstar Soccer Deluxe hidden code that turned the ref into a dog and am now in a retro mood. Anybody able to help? I need sites that list ( preferably review ) every football game ( onfield, management or otherwise ) ever...
  2. ZombiFleshDiet

    LED boards online to make Konami money for future PES?

    I may be thinking something stupid and way off here, but is the fact that they list something as seemingly irrelevant as LED boards in the recent press release, because they have this reasoning behind having them? When playing online, lots of companies it seems are moving toward in game real...
  3. ZombiFleshDiet

    Superpatch song title request?

    When you choose to play the 'International Challenge' there is this hilarious Euro Vision styled light rock number that plays in the menu screens. Does anybody have an idea what it is and who it's by? " And may the best team wiiiiinn... Go get the cup, on with the game, Reach for a star...
  4. ZombiFleshDiet

    Will adjusting VErtical Sync help at all?

    I just bought Pro Evo 6 for PC and applied all the superpatch and kitserver stuff, so it now sounds and looks better than any other version avaliable. Get a Playstation styled joypad and you'll never look back at the PS2 version again, the superpatch is that good. BUT, the only way i could stop...
  5. ZombiFleshDiet

    Obafemi Martins: 99 speed and acceleration!?!?!

    Is this a mistake by the konami guys, or is this guy really so fast in real life? Not being a Newcastle fan i don't follow them closely enough to know either way. Surley this stat makes him the fastest player in the world, in Konami's eyes ?
  6. ZombiFleshDiet

    PES6 logo editor driving me effing insane! Help!

    Forgive me if i am just missing something simple here, but the logo editor in PES6 on PS2 is bugged? I wanted all the logos from PES5 loaded across from my old file. It would only allow me to move Emblems across, which is i assume as per normal. There is no option to move logos across from a...
  7. ZombiFleshDiet

    What's my ProEvo5 got against Darren Bent??

    A very irritating anomaly during my master league this season... Having signed Darren Bent, he is flying for me at the mo, scoring a lot, but something odd has happend twice this season, which is annoying because it affects the overall season stats for him (and other players if it's happened...
  8. ZombiFleshDiet

    Release date confusion at

    Hi, this link : suggests as copied/pasted below. Surely an error on thier behalf or has this now changed? I thought it was due on the Fri 27th? On the page itself, you need to scroll down to the bottom for the 'New & Future Releases'...
  9. ZombiFleshDiet

    Question Re: International Challenge - ProEvo6

    Hi, A forum member had posted a link to a site featuring many PS2 pics, and i happened across this one showing the entrance scene from Mexico vs. Panama... I may be wrong, but i can't ever recall Panama being a team you could...
  10. ZombiFleshDiet

    PES 5 Major Bug :( Goals not credited!

    I have searched but can find no mention of this. I have had this happen twice to me. My striker scores twice in a game but is credited with only one both on his stats and on the scorecard at the end. Then a player already on a hat trick scores his forth but the same happens. Another striker...
  11. ZombiFleshDiet

    PES5 - Commentary and Team name call

    For anyone who has already been playing the game for a bit now, is the commentary as bad as always? And in PES3(?) you could have team name call changed, but they seemed to had taken that out in PES4. Is this option now re-instated for PES5 ?
  12. ZombiFleshDiet

    PC pro evo editing with a mouse?

    I did a search on the forum but can't seem to find a discussion on this. Never had pro Evo on the PC before but am going to get No.5 once it's out on the PC. I'll of course use the joypad to play but can you use the Mouse for editing, especially when designing logos and badges ect...? And i'm...