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    Hi, i have been playing PES all the way back from ISS days. I am loving PES2017 and i am beginning to place it above PES5. The only thing i would like changed/included is the 'free sides select' option. This is so i can start a World Cup with 32 'human' teams, pick the sides for each team, but...
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    Transferring data to different PS3

    Hi, I have checked through all the threads but could not find the answer. I have downloaded PESworld's Option File and installed it onto my PS3. I also want to change each team's tactics. After I have done that would it be possible to save my option file onto a USB and transfer it to another...
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    [email protected] Editor question regarding Data Pack option

    Judging by the lack of response to the questions on this part of the forum I'm guessing that this question will not be answered but I will ask anyway. There is an option in [email protected] Editor that allows you to change the Data Pack number. Does anybody know what that does? Does it make the option...
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    *new* gee's 'international 2014' option file

    GEE's PES5/WE9LE'International 2014' Option File 0.2 6th June 2014 Hi, some of you will be pleased to know that i have started on a new option file in which i will only update and add extra National teams. What this OF includes. All national teams that have qualified for the World...
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    GEE'S PES5/WE9LE OF 2013-2014 with better gameplay version 0.1

    Gee's pes5/we9le of 2013-2014 with better gameplay version 0.1 Hi guys, you will be pleased to know that i have updated my OF from last season. Included in this OF will be, English Premier League French Ligue 1 German Bundesliga Italian Serie A English Championship Spanish La Liga...
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    Gee's pes 5 of 2012-2013 (ps2 & pc)

    Hi, Here is a link to my new option file 2012/2013 Better/Tougher gameplay v0.7 UPDATED AND UPLOADED 20th April 2013 All club squads complete All club players reverted back to lowercase PC PS2 MAX FILE...
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    Best laptop to buy for PES?

    Hi guys, i did post this on a different website but got no replies :( maybe because some think it is a stupid question. I also did a search on the forum but no joy. :crymore: I normally play PES on PS3 but i have recently bought it for PC because of all the patches. Everything is fine but the...