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  1. P

    Old school is back?

    Just buy ramires/de rossi and put them just in front of cbs in dmf position n its sorted
  2. P

    The 'play advantage' symbol

    comfortmum FUCK OFF AND GET A LIFE U FAT SLAGGG _____________________________________________ Anyway i saw it in every pess untill 10 i saw it in 09 but i think in 10 its gone which is dumb
  3. P

    BAL mode shop bought no use.

    U HAVE TO START a new bal after buying it
  4. P

    PS3 problem

    So i have a problem it started bout last week n still going i keep trying to play matches and halfway through it pauses wtf so ive wiped it blown ps3 turned of ps3 by back swith but will not work..
  5. P

    BAL mode: some attributes don't improve!

    dno i think u can only train speed if u put speedstar
  6. P


    Dos anyone know if hes in game or in classin players
  7. P

    Skills thread

    Post ur cool skills,tricks,fients that you have found out in pes 2011
  8. P

    Receiving throw in: R2+LS to flick up/back/over

    Yh looks great could use it lots time
  9. P

    difficulty levels

    just play reguluar ive bin doing it the last 5 yrs building up on lvls like when i can keep beating top steams on easy i move to amatuer then reguluar then top player but this year is harder so im back to professional
  10. P

    7 Minute Games - good idea or not?

    5min 10min n 7min is way too short
  11. P

    What Urgently Needs Fixing for PES 2012?

    have naked girls playing football
  12. P

    emirates stadium

    just make a red staduim in editor thats all u can do
  13. P

    Favourite boots?

    What are your favourite boots in pes 2011?mines gota be adi pure white/black/red
  14. P

    What Urgently Needs Fixing for PES 2012?

    They should let u have sex on the game
  15. P

    Top Missing Players [PES2011]

    Ur pathetic messi is overated and boring he only scores because he is in a shit league. Also raul is a legend he might not be now but a joke?haha hes better than u and id like to see messi still a "legend" at that age
  16. P

    What Urgently Needs Fixing for PES 2012?

    swap bundisliga for edrivision and put ajax and ps3 in other teams...
  17. P

    What Urgently Needs Fixing for PES 2012?

    zeemister i love ur pic
  18. P

    best team to play for in bal

    Hi guys this is just for guys who play bal n had good seasons at thier club now mines club burge i play as a ss and i get alot of chances and not bin switched pos yet but not scored a goal
  19. P

    how do you go round the keeper?

    works for me i did it vs inter with pato in qauter final of champ league lol and done it a few times with lazevi when i played with napoli