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    Few random questions about quitting/disconnects, anyone know?

    Just a few queries I can't find answers to? 1) Why, if you are hammering a player and he quits (legally) at half time do you get paid so much less than if you complete the match? Surely playing so well should be rewarded? 2) In the same scenario what happens to the players contracts, is...
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    Praise for good players

    there's a few threads moaning about the spammers, laggers and cheats on here so, without wanting to get too lovey dovey about it I wanted to start this one to praise the good players we come up against or the good sports! I had a game last night where the guy just played me off the park...
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    My game keeps going to pause menu

    Hoping someone can help- my game keeps automatically going to the pause menu without me pressing start at all and I don't know why. I've tried a different controller and this still happens, it also seems to happen in a 2 player exhibition but not any of the 1 player modes. I'm a bit puzzled...
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    Hi all, apologies if this is covered somewhere else but I couldn't find the answer. Was playing MLO this morning and came up against pablo_xerez_6. I was winning 3-1 at half time, thought all was grand and went on to win 7-2. The match seemed fair enough etc but then I got an abusive...