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  1. peshemak7

    PES 2021 | My Master League adventure

    commentary language pls ??
  2. peshemak7

    stadium selection restricted

    if i choose teams of same league in local exhibition match why am i not able select partnered teams stadium?? is there any i can select them?
  3. peshemak7

    The scoop turn and Romario

    i thinks its still there u need tap r1 once or twice in pes2021 . i guess you meant this type of turn.
  4. peshemak7

    PES 2021 | Top Goals compilation #2

    Hope you guys like it :)
  5. peshemak7

    PES 2021 Fernando Torres Montage (Liverpool and chelsea version)

    Please give your Feedback on this video :). TIA
  6. peshemak7

    How to add a national team PS4?

    I want add India in asia and oceania national teams , i tried replacing oman but emblems were locked by konami. is there any way to add/replace ? I want play WC tournament with India.
  7. peshemak7

    PES2021 Knuckle Shot , Knuckle freekick , Dipping freekick tutorial

    I made a simple tutorial for performing knuckle shot and freekick hope you guys like it .:)
  8. peshemak7

    PES2021 | Top 10 Goals online

  9. peshemak7

    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    hey guys the ISL OF was now ready :) thanks alot .
  10. peshemak7

    Script explained?

    in this video from 2:42 i guess hes trying to explain how home and away matches effects (player and team motivation levels with respect to time of match, also how player form effects his motivation wrt to time ). with featured players being introduced those boosted stats made it more scripted...
  11. peshemak7

    Remake of Captain Tsubasa's Drive shoot and Tiger shoot in PES2020

    IDK how many knew of Captain Tsubasa. I used to watch it in my childhood, probably made me love football. I decided to make a remake of some signature shots of tsubasa and hyuga. hope u guys like it :). special thanks to E_Thoronath for this wonderful option file
  12. peshemak7

    PC kits to PS4 possible?

    Thanks alot! hope they accept a patch for PES too.
  13. peshemak7

    [KITS] 20/21 Kits For Unlicensed Teams

    hey does anyone have chelseas new sponsor images for backdrop
  14. peshemak7

    PC kits to PS4 possible?

    oh, but in patch(ISL) the .cpk file have no kit files. i have seen a video by rengo patch he opened some dt2... .cpk file and it contains kit files in .ftex format. so when we install patch the image files will be added to dt2.. .cpk? its not necessary that patch .cpk should contain kit files...
  15. peshemak7

    PC kits to PS4 possible?

    PES 2020 Kit Studio 2020 V1.0.4 by zlac Features: Supports only PC files – console files are NOT supported directly (use multi-converter to convert your files from/to console formats) whats a multi converter??
  16. peshemak7

    PC kits to PS4 possible?

    i think password might be (snowbroken, snowbrokenyoutube, snowbrokenyt) . BTW .ted files contains (team,player data and assignment of kits ) ? kits will only get attached if we have that kit files?
  17. peshemak7


    Not bad i guess
  18. peshemak7

    PC kits to PS4 possible?

    its different league mate. What i want is for indian league (ISL) . i checked popular sites like pesfutebol , soccerfandom etc but not available. its only available to PC and mobile.
  19. peshemak7

    PC kits to PS4 possible?

    Indian Super league (all teams )