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    PS3 problem

    So i have a problem it started bout last week n still going i keep trying to play matches and halfway through it pauses wtf so ive wiped it blown ps3 turned of ps3 by back swith but will not work..
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    Dos anyone know if hes in game or in classin players
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    Skills thread

    Post ur cool skills,tricks,fients that you have found out in pes 2011
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    Favourite boots?

    What are your favourite boots in pes 2011?mines gota be adi pure white/black/red
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    best team to play for in bal

    Hi guys this is just for guys who play bal n had good seasons at thier club now mines club burge i play as a ss and i get alot of chances and not bin switched pos yet but not scored a goal
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    Fav team to play?

    Who do u like playing the most with in ml or mlo
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    fan club cost

    what does it do if u put it higher on ml?
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    Plz help

    could u guys help i cant update the game because it says error so i looked it up and it sayd u have to reboot internet btu if i do that i lose all my data dont i?shud i do it
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    bal the creation

    so what position do u play and what did u pick when u was creating ur bal player im a amf and was a heavy tank and put 5 for dribbling and speed and 4 for passing and i got a overall of 71
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    skoatris and lovern

    hi atm lovern is 21 skoatris 22 and they both have keen on a move...should i sign them r they any good?i want them be my future defenders
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    box to box?

    is there any good box to box midfielders around i can only find ramires and essien but they cost loads
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    what is coachmode?

    what is coachmode on ml
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    leg hair

    is the anyway to put leg hair on footballers on pes
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    ml best young players?

    hi guys cant believe there is no topic for this why is no one on ml?anyway if u guys kno some good young players from ml who develop good just post here like last yr
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    transfer advice?

    if u try and sign someone and declines because dident like thought of battling for places what shud i do?sell one of my players?
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    Patch help!

    can someone give me a guuide to put a patch onto my ps3 i have a usb stick and i keep doing them but they say its corrupt..
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    how to play for other teams in bal

    this is a trick i use be4 i start a bal to play as other teams like sporting porto besiktas ect... just put the 20 best teams from other teams into pes league so go onto edit > league structure > click on a pes league team > click on a good other europe team and then they r in the pes league...
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    bal speed training?

    it seems like any position i pick or any team i play for i put all points on speed n it never goes up help!im only on my first season
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    cool link ups?

    What are some cool link fients i can use to trick my defense goood ty?
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    leave the ball controll?

    does anyone know hot to leave the ball as in the oposit passes it its cmin ur way n gona go out for a throwin but u like dont chase ball like irl...but on pes u awlays chase the ball if u want to or not does anyone know a controll to leave it?