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    How to ?

    Hi everyone. I am wondering how to delete posts. When I hover my mouse pointer over the Edit button, it says "edit/ delete message". But there is no option to delete it, only to edit. I tried highlighting the text, hoping this would prompt a delete option to appear, but no. Then I went to "Go...
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    Kit loading problem

    I play PES 2020 on the PS4. When on the pre match and match screen, the team strips don't load. They used to, but for some reason they don't anymore. There's just a blank space either side of the team line ups. While this is not a major problem, it's frustrating. Anyone know how I can restore...
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    Well ?

    We've had two data updates since the PES 2020 game was released, yet neither contained the gameplay fixes we'd been promised. And as usual, Konami have not updated us on why we haven't or when we can expect them. The patch was supposed to arrive at the end of October. Now it's the 10th of...
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    Importing teams.

    When importing team squads that are included in option files, is it possible to change the team slot they are allocated to ? Perhaps by simply changing the file name ? If so, how to do this ? For example, I want to allocate Team A and place it in the first slot of the PEU league. Yet the file...
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    Editing licenced teams

    Back on earlier versions of the Playstation, I used a free utility / software that made it possible to remove the "lock" from licenced teams with PES, thus making them editable ( mainly enabling team names and kits to be altered ). Is there such software available for use with PES, on the PS4...
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    Gameplay changes after Datapack 2.0 update.

    With each new version of PES, Konami never get the gameplay fully right, and have to release patches when faults are found. Now that the Datapack 2.0 is out, which is, among other things, meant to correct faults in the gameplay, has anyone observed improvements to these obvious flaws ? The pack...
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    Kit creation

    For anyone who isn't already aware of it, there is a great kit creator available online that is really useful. You can utilise various designs and patterns, and import logos and emblems onto the shirt. It's free to use, and it's great. The developer has put a lot of time and effort into...
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    Ridiculous scorelines bug

    I play P.E.S. 2014 ( on normal difficulty level ) on the ps3 and play 30 minute matches, and I notice ( from what I've read here ) that this same high scoring games bug that I experienced on THAT version, still hasn't been fixed for P.E.S. 2015 ! Just about every match I play has a high...
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    Chants problem.

    Can anyone please tell me what's happened here ? I'm speaking about chants that I put into the game. They worked at first and the volume was just about where I wanted it, but on later occasions when I played the game ( after adjusting the volume up with MP3Gain ), the volume of them was almost...
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    saving images problem

    Hello. How many CHEST logos can be added to the kits in P.E.S. 2014 ( PS3 ) ? I hope it's more than one, but I suspect it's not. The problem I'm having ( using the in-game editor ) is that I can load an image, edit and save it, and add to the front of the kit ( i.e. chest area ). But when I...