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  1. Antonyc1977

    Euro 2020 Kits? PS4

    Hi Does anyone have 2048x2048 PNG Files for ANY of the Euro 2020 Teams? It's for my PES 2017 Option File, so need the images. Thank you! Ant
  2. Antonyc1977

    Only my opinion

    The Ups & Downs of PES over the Years... Hi All I have been a community member for 8+ Years and I have seen the very best and the very worst of Pro Evolution Soccer over the years. Started off in 1998(?) when I was in my youth, and this game had something special about it. Going...
  3. Antonyc1977

    "Tight Possession" IS THE PROBLEM

    "Tight Possession" IS THE PROBLEM Since I have been raging about an AI Controlled 70 Rated Striker being over powered and being able to hold off two of my Centre Backs with ease and managing to control the ball followed by an accurate pass to a team mate, I thought to myself, what is this? Why...
  4. Antonyc1977

    Flaws listed - needs fixing asap

    (From playing 30+ Games with a 94 Team Spirit Master League Side - playing on Professional Level) 1) Player Switching is AWFUL! Nearly every goal i concede is due to being given the wrong player when hitting the player select button. When I do get the player I want, he is way out of...
  5. Antonyc1977

    Classic Players to Return in PES 2020

    Let's get this started... Ashley Cole - hopefully with Pre-Set from PES 2016 - Derby County Jon Obi Mikel - hopefully with his Pre-Set from PES 2016 - Trazonspor Franck Ribery - hopefully with his Pre-Set from PES 2016 - Fiorentina Wayne Rooney - Derby County (Feb DLC) Zlatan...
  6. Antonyc1977

    [Faces] This is Thursday Gaming / PES Custom Faces

    INDEX PAGE Youth Legends (all 18 years old and specially adapted for Master League Youth Squads) Fernando Torres John Terry David Seaman Alan Shearer Michael Carrick Wesley Sneijder Neil "Razor" Ruddock Sami Hyypia Current Day Players: Wayne Rooney Erling Braut Haland...
  7. Antonyc1977

    Early days so far... but it's looking promising

    Hi All So, the demo comes out at the end of July, however, PES Universe have an early release and videos are being uploaded onto their Twitter Account on a daily basis. From what I can tell, the ball control and AI is similar to PES 2017, which is...
  8. Antonyc1977

    This is Thursday Gaming - Mini Tips Videos
  9. Antonyc1977

    PES 2019 Gameplay - has it improved since DLC4?

    Hi All Has the gameplay improved since DLC 4.0? I had a real problem with heading when defending and attacking. (I know the "sticking" issue had been semi-resolved in DLC 2.0) You may say "Play it yourself"... but I really don't want to in case the issue hasn't been resolved. That will...
  10. Antonyc1977

    PES 2017 far superior to PES 2019

    I have booted up PES 2017 after playing hundreds of hours of PES 2019 - without question, PES 2017 has far superior gameplay and is just a joy!
  11. Antonyc1977

    Are you frustrated with PES 2019 Gameplay? A solution!!

    I know this discussion has been had many times. But this is a solution... Tonight I will post a link HERE to three teams from "Asia Other". Each team will have a different formation (442, 532, 433) - these formations have...
  12. Antonyc1977

    CSL - DP 2.0 - What should we do?

    I am rather concerned that I am about to have duplicate players ALL OVER THE PLACE! The fake players edited for the CSL Option Files (PES Universe, PES World, PES Gaming etc.) are now going to be in the game as Free Agents? Or will we now have 2x Chinese Super Leagues in PES 2019? If we...
  13. Antonyc1977

    Gameplay Fix - Coming in OCTOBER

    I know there are a few threads containing disgruntled comments regarding PES 2019's Gameplay, but anyone who is new to this Forum who wants to have a rant about the crossing, heading and overall AI issues... There is a supposed fix coming in late October! I really hope they do fix the issues...
  14. Antonyc1977

    Headers - Am I the only one struggling?

    Anyone else struggling with heading the ball in PES 2019?
  15. Antonyc1977

    Is Master League Broken?

    Here's my Broken Master League vid. Would like to know your opinions on the ML Issues!
  16. Antonyc1977

    [FACES] PES Custom Faces (2019)

    Here we go again
  17. Antonyc1977

    ALL NEW PES 2017 Option File, PS4 (coming soon)

    Hi All. It's strange, there are MORE people viewing the "Older Forums" than PES 2018 / PES 2019 (421 to be precise). I am working on arguably the most beautiful Option File (team export files) for PES 2017 I have ever been a part of. (and that I have ever seen) It's taking a long time to...
  18. Antonyc1977

    Key Players missing for PES 2019?

    Notable players - IN & OUT!!! PES 2019 Okay, so I'll start this one off. I think it's safe to say farewell to some players who (I am sure) have been a part of the PES Series for many years... #Good bye my lover, good bye my friend (Lyrics by James Cu.. Blunt) Zlatan Ibrahimovic...
  19. Antonyc1977

    Master League - The Essential Guide

    If there are any new players to PES and you need a little guidance on how to play the Offline Mode, Master League. This should help you in achieving success... Have fun!!!! Ant Please note - this was filmed using an older version of Pro Evolution...
  20. Antonyc1977

    2018/19 Kits / Files for PES 2017... PS4?

    Does anyone know where I can find next season's kits (2018/19) for PES 2017 on PS4? I have managed to update a lot of the National Sides' kits (which are editable). Now I just need the Club Kits. Thank you!