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    PES 2022 (PS5)

    So the time is coming closer to another teaser or unveiling.. What are you guys expecting? Wanting? I'm hoping by taking a year out they've really had chance to polish the new game up so it Wows us.. Master League revamp? Return of Create/Edit Stadium? I'd really like to see Referee decisions...
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    Swap Controls? (Button Mapping)

    Is there a way to change Tackle from a Double Tap config? It's infuriating..
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    Empty Seats At Old Trafford?

    And what was that reason???
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    Loans Transfers?

    So players arent actually out on Loan but are transferred away? And i have to transfer EVERY player that is out on loan back to Man Utd before starting a new ML? Then when i want to start a non Man Utd ML transfer them back to the team they are loaned out too in real life so they are at that...
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    Empty Seats At Old Trafford?

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    Loans Transfers?

    Wait.. Where are my loaned out players in Master League? Joel Pereira from Man Utd is at Huddersfield on loan in real life, he is rightly at Huddersfield in ML as he was loaned out before 31st August.. But how do i recall him to my Man Utd squad???
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    Master League Improvements (WARING Long Thread)

    Would be nice if they made the left/right bumpers to scroll the tabs at the top of the menu..
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    Online Information

    Can you please keep it to having an Alert in the Settings section if there are alerts/news instead of it popping up EVERY time there is new news when i start up the game. It's annoying having to accept through them all just to even get to the menu!
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    Loans Transfers?

    I know the game will be updated eventually but for at least the next month the Transfers will be outdated. I have done a few myself like Van de Beek etc, but how do i set players to be out on Loan instead of Transferred? If i can't do this it would be nice to add this feature for future PES...
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    Man Utd Kit Design Wrong!

    Please fix Konami:
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    UEFA EURO 2020 DLC Coming June 4th

    Can't wait for this! I hope they've done Wembley proud.. I also hope they use the other official Euro 2020 stadiums (Allianz & Olimpico), so we dont play games in generic stadiums.. We now have 4 of the 12 that would of been used?
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    DLC 4.0 news

    What date was it last year?
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    Who will you being using in ML and Why?

    Man Utd. They're my team and i only use teams with their real stadium. So depends on what new stadiums we have to who my 2nd ML will be, thinking Celtic though..
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    Manchester United Club Edition

    Nice! They're miles better than the default ones!
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    Manchester United Club Edition

    Thanks, i may aswell cancel my pre-order then as its £44.99 for the Man Utd edition which is exclusive to Game, the game is £34.99 elsewhere so im not paying £10 for a cover!
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    Manchester United Club Edition

    What's the difference with this? Just the cover?
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    What would you like to see in pes 2020??

    Yes for Italy and Spain..
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    What would you like to see in pes 2020??

    Master League 1. Realistic Transfer Fees (Buying Bale for £20million isnt realistic) 2. Realistic Transfer Budgets (Man Utd having only £30million to spend isnt realistic) 3. Realistic Transfers (Buying Rabiot for Celtic isnt realistic) Gameplay 1. Driven Pass (Similar to Fifa's, i think this...
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    Complete PS4 Option File?

    Is there one yet? Who's is the best?
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    PES 2019 News & Rumours

    I've heard PES 2019 will be the first 2-year-cycle game with regular updates over the 2 years, and won't have UEFA rights anymore either..