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    New online community question

    I have just loaded up the new community master league for the first time, I cannot see how me and my mate who lives in holland can play each other in online community mode by creating a match room and keeping track of stats etc. on last years pes you had the option to play against someone within...
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    Online match lobby help

    I have been a user of pes for as long as I have owneda games console. I purchased pes 2013 the other day and went straight into a game online against my brother. I set up a match room but we were both astonished at the lack of options in the match room Compared to previous games. There were no...
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    Online league! What are you all playing?

    Me (live in England) and my mate (who lives in holland) play online and have set up a league where we play two divisions of 12 teams from the premier league and the Eredivisie. So I suppose it's the premedivisie!. We both love pes! We play against each other after creating our own fixtures for...
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    Master league skill level! Need advice!?!?

    Hello pes community! I have been an avid pes fan since the days of ISS! Even though konami have made mistakes throughout the games I have really enjoyed the last 3 instalments. Last year on pes 2011 I played the ML on professional skill level and won the league and eventually won the...