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  1. stottmeister

    PES 13, 14 and 15?

    I'm playing on pes13 at the moment. Pretty much fully edited too. If I buy 14 can I transfer prequel edit data across on the 360? Also, in comparison is 14 worth upgrading too at this point? My main reason is I know 13 and 15 won't be compatible in respect of prequel data so 14 must be...
  2. stottmeister

    World Of Tanks (PC to 360)

    Really looking forward to this game. I've never played it but for a while now I've longed for a PC with the ability to run W.O.T. so I've just seen the Mighty Jingles video's on Youtube. Obviously there will be some alterations, probable draw distance restrictions and what not. Gameplay wise...
  3. stottmeister

    Gaming time consumed editing for those with busy lives.

    Not sure Konami actually read these but if a rep does please could you consider those of us with other priorities in our lives? I love playing PES and have done for many a year but with my kids, work and other commitments my gaming time has been drastically reduced and when I do get chance...
  4. stottmeister

    Transfer activity level

    In ML you can drop the transfer activity level which I want to put on ''Only Me'' for the first season so I can play against untouched lineups for the first season then put on ''Low'' for the second season which I believe stops any crazy transfers and restricts clubs to only essential buys...
  5. stottmeister

    ML Div 1 in first season?

    Howdy, is it at all possible on the 360 to start a ML with a prem side in the top flight? I know how it used to work but I can't seem to find an option for this even in the extras. I want to use Spurs from the outset without having to win promotion first.
  6. stottmeister

    Button re-mapping petition

    Guys, please take a look at this fellow gamers situation then read his petition and sign up in the hope that this becomes a standard feature for games developers. I know a few games that used to include button re-mapping but it seems pretty rare now and I didn't really think it was an issue...
  7. stottmeister

    Boot list?

    Has there been a real list of the boots which are included in the game yet?
  8. stottmeister

    First destination on release day

    OK, I know there was a thread like this maybe two PES's ago but I haven't seen one lately. So anyway, you bought the game, got it home and rip off the wrapper then the disc goes in the draw and bang! (hopefully not literally), theres the menu screen. What do you go for first, Edit...
  9. stottmeister

    EPL Pixel editor crests needed.

    Can anyone link me to, or provide pixellated versions of the prem club crests please? Ta.
  10. stottmeister

    PES League in ML querie.

    In Master league mode, is it possible to alter the members of the various leagues like in previous releases? I have created the championship sides out of the D2 sides. I have done this by changing the kits and team names but I am leaving the players as they are as editing them will take too...
  11. stottmeister

    Playes to join attack

    When selecting players to join the attack is it possible to send up the keeper again? It was a shame they took this out last time as it was really satisfying when losing a match, I sent him up for a corner and it was him that got on the end of it. It didn't happen that often but when it...
  12. stottmeister

    25 man squad.

    I was wondering if the current ruling of PL squads naming a 25 man squad would be at all reflected in this years release. I know you can have about 30+ players in 2010 but what about the new game? Also, I've been thinking it would be good if in the new game you came across situations...
  13. stottmeister

    Is the penalty system the same?

    Is there any news on the penalty kick system and also an improvment on the lack of them being awarded in PES 2010?
  14. stottmeister

    not happy.

    i thought i'd finished with the editing. thinking there were 12 second division teams in ml i made eleven sides and was planning on using the custom team as the twelfth. not possible, there is no (or i cant find) the custom team and i need eighteen not twelve teams. i can solve this by...
  15. stottmeister

    nearly done all this editing.

    monster editing session today, i made players for palace, preston and qpr fully, from stats to rough likeness and got the formations done. i had ten minute games against them with spurs to test them out afterwards. lost 1-0 to qpr, 1-1 with palace but beat pne 2-1. they play well on...
  16. stottmeister

    kit mixing.

    sorry to bring this up again but the more i get into this mode it irritates me more and more. i really wish you could mix kits when choosing which colours to play in. look at portsmouth against chelsea last time out, they had their red socks with their away kit. west ham usually, and villa...
  17. stottmeister

    updating transfers

    not sure how up to date the transfers are this year but here are the bbc sports list of transfers from the 20th august to the 31st. 31 August Diego Arismendi [Club Nacional - Stoke] £2.6m Nicholas Bignall [Reading - Stockport] Loan Segundo Castillo [Red Star Belgrade - Wolves] Loan...
  18. stottmeister

    xbox camera versus pixel editing.

    when i had 2009 i spent roughly an hour on each club crest using the pixel tool which in the end i was quite happy with the result however i'm a bit wary about spending this much time on it in 2010 but the only alternative as far as i know is the camera available for the 360. has anyone used...
  19. stottmeister

    pes/fifa on click

    i just watched click on the bbc news channel and there was a feature on fifa, the motion capture used and the look of the players. at the end it showed a video of the players in the tunnel from pro evo then a split screen of the two games playing simutaneously, you should watch it on the...
  20. stottmeister

    too human

    i've just picked this up from GAME for £5 brand new, has anyone played it and what are your thoughts on it? i havent had chance to play it yet as i also picked up double agent on a cheap too and cant stop playing it. i did a forum search for it but came up empty.