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  1. Macheda

    Taking Forest back to the top!

    Hey guys, As you may have seen previously, I have started my ML with Nottingham Forest, and have released the first video on YouTube. Episode 2 is coming tomorrow, and it is a cracker! Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll, and any additional feedback would be great as I go forward with...
  2. Macheda

    Battlefield 1

    Has anyone tried this out? Downloaded the Open Beta on PS4 and must say I am quite impressed. Obviously some glitches, but overall I am pleasantly surprised by the dynamic warfare on show. Also made a quick sniper video, including some quick-scopes and one killer no-scope right at the end...
  3. Macheda

    Road to Glory - Who should I be?

    Hey all, I recently started a YouTube channel, check it out here. For PES 2017 I'm aiming to do a number of different series, and I would love your input on choosing which team I should begin my Master League adventure with. There will be around 2-3 episodes released every week on...
  4. Macheda

    PES2017 - Master League Improvements

    Hey all, Released a new video today listing some of the new features for Master League in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, along with some things I'd love to see added. Let me know if you agree with my ideas, and again please subscribe to hear the latest news, and see my Master League journey on...
  5. Macheda

    PES 2017 YouTube Channel

    Hey guys, Just launched a new YouTube channel that will be focusing on PES. I'd love to get your expert inputs on the future of the channel, and feedback for future series and videos. I launched the first quick video this week, and have two MyClub videos ready to go up later in the...
  6. Macheda

    Kit request

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry for being so rude but I could really do with a favour. I am simply awful at attempting to create kits on the PS4, times have changed since the XBOX Live vision camera days. Anyway, would anybody be able to attempt making the Wrexham A.F.C kits for me? Will be...
  7. Macheda

    [Master League Blog] You decide!

    Hey PES fans, With the new game only days away I think it is perfect time to introduce my blog that I will be starting for Master League in 2016. I will post monthly updates and brief match analysis both on this site and an external site for anybody that is interested. Initially it will...
  8. Macheda

    BAL Gameplay
  9. Macheda

    [Xbox] 2012/13 End of Season OF

    File based from English perspective, with EPL and Championship prominent. Some kits updated for 2013/14 season and still need to tinker with some appearances. Should work on all Xbox or Xbox 360 consoles. Note you need to have a HDD and hard drive transfer equipment. Enjoy, Rich. Link -...
  10. Macheda

    I give up.

    Every year when I play a new PES I convince myself its back for good, so hard I try to tell myself this game is better than FIFA. I have to say I give up. The honeymoon period is over, I've finally had chance to play this game for a while and see exactly how it plays etc. I may its a long way...
  11. Macheda

    What soundtrack would you like?

    Personally I love the soundtracks that FIFA have to offer. It's one of their advantages over PES. After a week of playing PES the sounds begin to just irritate with their mundane beats. However, in the cases of the early PES's the combination of funky Japanese electro and just almost humorous...
  12. Macheda

    Demo 1: Constructive Criticism

    Basically a thread based only for the areas you feel Konami should work on for the final version, no major hatred just say how you feel it could be improved and why. Me first, Whilst playing against Ronaldo he feels like any ordinary player, he never takes my men on or even attempts a powerful...
  13. Macheda

    PES 2013 - First game play trailer Promising, have a feeling that John Terry dedicated dive will be laughed at, but generally very good.
  14. Macheda

    [FACES] PES 2013 - Who deserves a Preset?

    I recollect a thread of this nature from last year, and as no PES 2013 forum is open yet thought that maybe this was the most suitable. I'll start. Phil Jones definitely does due to his key features for United and England this year. Also maybe Wojciech Szczesny as he is one the Premier League's...
  15. Macheda

    [BASE-COPY] Players to Base-Copy for PES 2013

    I remember a successful thread last year where everyone compiled a list of players who would be leaving PES next year. With PES 2013 on the horizon and the possibility of learning the teams rather soon I thought it would be wise to help many OF editors by having a list ready. Any players that...
  16. Macheda

    Is PES back?!

    Watched a trailer for Korean only version of PES which is in production. It's basically a revamped version using the PES 6 engine, looks interesting. if PES 2013 resembles this, wow then I'm pre-ordering now.
  17. Macheda

    PES, I am back in love.

    Wow. It's not often one game can change it for you, but for me it has. I've just started a ML with Getafe, on professional, as I wanted a new challenge that could help bring back the fun of my PES past, after I've spent some shameful months playing the "other game". The whole ML campaign, only...
  18. Macheda

    Macheda's OF

    It is here guys and girls! I will release the first version of my brand new PES option file! With many thanks to romu9185 who has allowed me to use his v1 file from October as a base file. Credit to him for the Liga Adelante emblems and kits. Everything else you see is my work! Done so far...
  19. Macheda

    FIFA 12 Clubs - Xbox - I need YOU!

    Please, please, please. Anyone who has FIFA 12 on Xbox 360 and would be interested in a Pro Club add me on xbox: i z R i C H z i (Space after every letter!) We will guarantee you a laugh and you'll be a crucial part of a successful club! The only rule is, to pass the ball and not run off doing...
  20. Macheda

    [Xbox 360] "Fancy a game?" Thread

    Basically a thread for all those Xbox 360 PES players who want a game online that doesn't nesseceraly involve playing as Barca and Real. For example, add me "i z R i C H z i" spaces between each letter. If you want a game any time using the lesser PES teams.