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    Need to change my topic title

    I would like to rename my topic: But thread tool button doesn't work. Could you please do it for me if you have the rights? I would like to rename it into: [OF] Asia Challenge: K-League, ASEAN Clubs (Indonesia, Philippines), Indian...
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    [OF] Asia Challenge: K-League, ASEAN Clubs (Indonesia, Philippines), Indian clubs,etc

    ⋆⋆⋆Asia Challenge⋆⋆⋆ Here is an OF to improve your Asian campaigns! It contains the South Korean K-League with 14 teams. The stats are mostly based on FIFA 18 after conversion for the best authenticity ! It also contains the following 6 North Korean teams and 4 Other Asian teams : April 25...
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    [LEAGUE] DPR Korea Premier Football League

    Welcom to North Korea's Premier League football thread. I will post kits, team exports and all information you need to enjoy a ML career in North Korea. This season (2017-2018), North Korean League has undergone lots of reforms. For the first time it's played like most of leagues in the...
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    FC Porto start screen

    I am a bit new to this, but I created a start screen FC Porto! Download link here:
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    Exporting faces PES 2017

    Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to export faces on pc version of PES 2017? Thanks
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    East-Asian teams patch

    Hi guys, 1) You probably noticed that some foreign players aren't assigned to their Chinese team, for example Hulk is free agent but is in reality playing for Shanghai SIPG now. This is because he wasn't registered for AFC CL. So the first thing I did was to update foreign players for Shanghai...
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    [PS4] Tired of Real Madrid?

    [PS4] Tired of Real Madrid? The North Korean solution. Try 4.25 April Sports Club from North Korea! It replaces Sujung Bada and it's compatible with Dorumagesu116's J-League (and the translation made by Erzo77). Take control of the best...
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    We are so limited in terms of editing

    Having just PEU, PAS and PLA leagues just doesn't look enough anymore. With very little investment Konami could have largely compensated the lack of licences... See how in few weeks we got from the community great creations such as Bundesliga, MLS, Liga Mx, Libertadores, J League, Etc. How...
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    [LEAGUE] J-League 2016

    This thread is about creating J-League 2016 on PES 2016. Do not hesitate to share content as much as you can ! Before all, I feel that non-Japanese AFC Champions League teams are insanely underrated. I honestly think worth upgrading some teams stats, otherwise AFC CL is too easy and...
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    [KITS] Bunch of Chinese Super League Kits

    Hi guys, I don't plan to make the whole league kits, I'm just making a bunch of home kits for myself and sharing them here. Jiangsu FC (Ramires, Alex Texeira's team) Shanghai SIPG (Gyan's team) I will do some...
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    [KITS] Other European teams

    Hi guys, I am doing some kits for my OF and I thought it would be some use for some people here :) I am not an "expert at kit making", these two are my very fists kits. FC Sion Home EL version Away EL version...