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  1. PES Buck

    Summer Olympics 1984

    I converted the file to PES 2021 with permission. Here is PES 2021 version that installs in PAS League. Kits are 1024. 1984 Summer Olympics Download Link:
  2. PES Buck

    RIP PES 1995-2021

    So I picked up FIFA 23 for PS5 earlier today. I can stomach it a thousand times more that I can this new eFootball joke of a game. Now I do not know how FIFA 23 plays on PS4, but I know FIFA 22 on PS4 was shit compared to the PS5 version......My guess it is the same this year. LOL, since it...
  3. PES Buck

    PS4 Shareplay

    No, he is referring to where you share the game with someone else. They do not have to have the game and they even take over the controller. You can play local multiplayer as well. When Konami removed the game from the Playstation Store, it also removed being to able to Share Play the game...
  4. PES Buck

    Spam bots ATTACK

    User spammed me too. Have no idea about the report option..........Basically I only handle moderating the forum. The backend is handled by the owner.
  5. PES Buck

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    You play on PS4 so go to EDIT Mode and start changing their do not need any BIN just need a lot of time to complete it.
  6. PES Buck

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Never seen one where all player ratings are 40 but you can do it yourself by changing all player ratings to 40.
  7. PES Buck

    CED files

    You can't. CED files are for the Competition info such as Logo, Name, and Rules/Balls. CEDs are created by exporting your Competitions after creating them inside the game. They have no bearing on teams competing in Champions League.
  8. PES Buck

    The PES 2021 Request Thread
  9. PES Buck

    Classic NASL League V5 by PES Buck

    Philips here is a short history on the NASL.
  10. PES Buck

    PES2013 OF for Xbox 360 - help!

    Don't think you can convert PS3 OF to Xbox 360. You need to use the Horizon program ( to install 360 OFs onto the 360. You can find turorials on YouTube on how to install 360 OFs using Horizon. You can also find 360 OFs on YouTube as well. It's pretty easy to...
  11. PES Buck

    Classic NASL League V5 by PES Buck

    How to create Classic NASL Playoffs and Soccer Bowl The NASL Playoffs were contested by 12 teams and the division winners competed in the Soccer Bowl (Finals). 8 NASL teams played in the 1st round while 4 NASL teams had a bye the first round. Instructions on how to create the NASL Playoffs...
  12. PES Buck

    Classic NASL League V5 by PES Buck

    V2 Added to first post. V2 adds two new teams to the Classic NASL League Option File - Classic Edmonton Drillers and Classic Philadelphia Fury (Last 2 teams in PEU League).
  13. PES Buck

    Classic NASL League V5 by PES Buck

    Classic NASL League V3 by PES Buck PS4 Classic NASL Team List: Classic Atlanta Chiefs Classic Chicago Sting Classic Dallas Tornado Classic Fort Lauderdale Strikers Classic Los Angeles Aztecs Classic Minnesota Kicks Classic New York Cosmos Classic Portland Timbers Classic St Louis Stars...
  14. PES Buck

    [Teams] Classic NASL League Project

    So I originally started this Classic NASL (1968-1984) project back in November. Then I was able to get a PS5 right after they were released, so editing was put on backburner while I played games on the PS5. Since the pandamic has left me home more, I figured it was time to update my PS2 setup...
  15. PES Buck

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    It has always been that way when you export TEDS. When you export TEDS you are only exporting TEDS. Those TEDS you export contain not only squads, but contain INFO to the assigned Logos, kits, and etc... So when you go to re-import your exported teams, you need in the WEPES folder the kits and...
  16. PES Buck

    Multi option files missing players from teams

    Sounds like conflict with different files using the same Player IDs which will cause missing playes. Need to use files that work together. A solution is to narrow down those Player IDs and use a PC TED Editor to change the conflicts on TEDS by using Unsused Player ID's -- Info on that can be...
  17. PES Buck

    Ps4 of pes 2020 nico ultras
  18. PES Buck

    Liga MX & J League 1024 format -- This one (has no been updated yet for Winter Transfer)
  19. PES Buck

    PES 2021 Data Pack 4 Info

    Mate, I have a complete Classic File. When I fired up the game after DATA PACK 4, there were two boxes checked - One for Club Teams and the other for National Teams. I unchecked both boxes and didn't do a manual Live Update and my option file was the same as before the Data Pack still intact...