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  1. Aaronarid

    Lampard 30m wonder-volley

    Great strike.
  2. Aaronarid

    Xbox 360

    I went for Tiger Woods in the end RB14. I too thought a sport game would probably be best, but as I haven't seen the guy in quite a while so wanted something that we could play whilst we chat.
  3. Aaronarid

    Xbox 360

    My mate went away this weekend and gave me his 360 to look after. I've got another mate coming round this evening so was thinking of renting out a game for us to play, any suggestions? Unfortunately I don't have times to play games much these days, so I don't have a console, and I don't...
  4. Aaronarid

    Just thought of an amazing name for 2010!

    It's clever that you've trademarked it, well done.
  5. Aaronarid

    Just thought of an amazing name for 2010!

    Genius. How did you come up with it?
  6. Aaronarid

    Pes 2010 first screen shots ...

    True true, I guess I don't know much about graphics, I thought it was Pac-Man until I saw 'PES 2010'.
  7. Aaronarid

    Pes 2010 first screen shots ...

    I presume that is Messi? I swear the players looked more realistic back in PES2/3 (or at least the white ones).
  8. Aaronarid

    GTA: China Town Wars for the DS 20th March

    I shall be acquiring this game tonight Jonno. My DS has been accumlating dust for probably about 6 months now. Haven't really had the time to play it, but I'm now spending a couple of days a week travelling on the train so it's a good excuse to get back into it again. The last great game I...
  9. Aaronarid

    Just done the triple in ML!

    Yeah that is pretty impressive. Congratulations. I've experimented with it a bit on earlier versions of PES but the camera always makes me feel ill. What position did you play?
  10. Aaronarid

    PES5 Club Players - real names

    He's probably not that bothered anymore. That post was about 2 years ago.
  11. Aaronarid

    Favorite Game Soundtracks

    Final Fantasy V I I
  12. Aaronarid

    Nintendo DS Lite

    Professor Layton and the Curious Village Has anyone else played this? I've been playing for about the last 6 hours straight, and I have to say it could well be the best game I've played on DS. A murder mystery which confronts you with puzzles, often challenging, every step of the way...
  13. Aaronarid

    Cheers PESGaming....

    Nice gesture of gratitude. Congratulations on winning.
  14. Aaronarid

    Why i can't play European Masters Cup?

    You play the European Masters Cup if you finish 3rd - 6th in the league. You can also qualify by winning the D1 cup but if you finish 1st or 2nd aswell, you'll be put into the European Championship.
  15. Aaronarid

    "high Skillz"

    Awesome compilation mate, well done. The presentation was top drawer, some original ideas in there. A really nice variety of goals too. I didn't get bored at any point, I think it's obvious that you are a serious PES player!
  16. Aaronarid

    Can U All Make All Skill Of This Video?

    Again, its positioning and timing. There is no button combination, or guaranteed method of doing it. Although pressing shoot as late as you can, but not too late that your striker has to swivel, will increase your chances. I occasionally score these, but I never intend to do them, it just so...
  17. Aaronarid

    Can U All Make All Skill Of This Video?

    Most of them are just to do with timing and positioning. Go into training and experiment. Try waiting until the very last moment to hit a shot, or trying to hit it as early as possible. Also, I'd suggest experiment with super-cancel (R1+R2), particularly for air-borne crosses. You will find it...
  18. Aaronarid

    A compilation of my first 20 replays.

    Nice goals, and yeh I agree, it is easier to score from far away compared to PES6. I try to refrain from taking long shots unless there is some nice build up play or if its on the volley, though obviously it's hard to resist, especially if your opposition is dismantling every attack you make...
  19. Aaronarid


    I remember reading an interview with Seabass where he says that in future versions of the game he would like it to have an influence on the performance of the team, but for now the only effect it has is on who lifts the cup on the cut scenes!